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Troubling Photo Of Feminist Getting Naked In Front Of Young Boys At Art Exhibit Goes Viral

Earlier this week, a photo of a naked woman disrobing in front of three young boys at an art museum went viral on social media. The photo was taken during an interactive art exhibit three weeks ago in Estonia, according to the video apparently posted by the feminist artist herself, Mare Tralla.

Here is a screenshot of the photo (The Daily Wire used an image that included censorship of the woman’s private parts):

On Vimeo, there is video of the full interactive exhibit (called “No ‘But’ Can Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”), which lasts about eight and a half minutes. In front of an audience, Tralla strips naked, save for a pair of yellow and black sandals, and proceeds to walk into another room to cover up “sexist” images from famed Estonian artist Marko Mäetamm.

An account under Tralla’s name posted the following description of the video:

During the action ‘No ‘But’ Can Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!’ artist Mare Tralla covers up paintings and drawings by well known Estonian male artist Marko Mäetamm. The paintings depict sexist imagery of women. The slogans of Tralla’s cover-up read: “‘But he did not mean it this way!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he is a nice guy!” Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he smiles always!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But this is his humour!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he loves his wife!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, “‘But he talks with a soft voice!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”

While some defended the interaction as acceptable “art,” many criticized the showing as “child abuse” and pointed out that defenders of the exhibit would likely have a different reaction if it were a man disrobing in front of young girls.

“She should be put in jail for undressing in front of all those kids,” one person commenting on Vimeo wrote.

“Why should she be arrested? It’s art. Have you never been to a nude beach?” another user replied.


“Disgusting display. What is wrong with these people?” pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha posted to Twitter.

TheBlaze TV’s Allie Beth Stuckey wrote, “This isn’t art. This isn’t normal. This isn’t okay. This is child sex abuse. Period. Feminists scream about ‘equality’ but they’d be (rightfully) up in arms if a grown man exposed himself to a group of young girls.”

“This feminist should be charged with indecent exposure in front of a minor,” said One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler. “This is disgusting. This isn’t art. It’s exploitation of a child. Where are these kids’ parents?!”

“This woman is sexually abusing children. She should be arrested,” The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh said.

Others highlighted the reaction of the boys in the photo and said that such absurd feminist actions impressed on them will only turn them into future right-wingers. “Modern feminism inadvertently creating a new generation of conservative voters,” said columnist Rita Panahi.

According to Tralla’s website, the feminist is an “interdisciplinary artist, organiser and activist” with a bachelor’s degree from Estonian Academy of Arts Department of Painting and a master’s degree in hypermedia from the University of Westminster.

“Mare Tralla’s professional art career started in Estonia in the early 90s, where she became one of the leading interdisciplinary artists of the younger generation,” the site reads. “Drawing from her personal history and everyday experience her practice was in direct critical response to how the transition period of East-European societies affected women. She was one of the very few conducting a feminist revolution in the field of contemporary art in Estonia.”

“As an activist she is involved with Act Up, London, No Pride in War coalition and LGSMigrants. Her recent socially engaged performative projects deal with queer experiences, gender issues, HIV stigma, investigate sustainability and economics,” the site notes, adding that Tralla has worked at the Estonian Academy of Arts as an educator and “has given many workshops and talks internationally.”

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