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Trish Regan Out At Fox Weeks After Criticized Coronavirus Monologue; Network And Regan Issue Statements

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo
Host Trish Regan is seen as CEO Of Dyadic International Mark Emalfarb visits "Trish Regan Primetime" at Fox Business Network Studios on February 28, 2020 in New York City.
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Fox Business has parted ways with host Trish Regan, the network confirmed Friday.

Regan hasn’t appeared on the network since March 13, four days after a monologue concerning the alleged politicization of the coronavirus picked up steam in the press, criticized heavily in the media as supposed virus denial.

“We thank her for her contributions to the network over the years and wish her continued success in her future endeavors,” Fox said in a statement, according to The Daily Beast. “We will continue our reduced live primetime schedule for the foreseeable future in an effort to allocate staff resources to continuous breaking news coverage on the Coronavirus crisis.”

Regan responded to the departure in a statement as well, saying that she’ll take time to focus on her family and looks forward to the “next chapter” in her career.

“I have enjoyed my time at FOX and now intend to focus on my family during these troubled times,” the statement said. “I am grateful to my incredible team at FOX Business and for the many opportunities the network has provided me. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my career.”

In the media-criticized monologue, Regan blasted elected Democrats and their allies in the liberal media for allegedly using the coronavirus to harm President Donald Trump and hurting millions of Americans in the process.

“The chorus of hate being leveled at the president is nearing a crescendo as Democrats blame him, and only him, for a virus that originated halfway around the world,” Regan opened the segment.

“This is yet another attempt to impeach the president,” she accused. “And sadly, it seems they care very little for any of the destruction they are leaving in their wake, losses in the stock market; all this, unfortunately, just part of the political casualties for them.”

“You know, this is the time to be united, not to be pointing fingers, not to be encouraging hate, and yet what do we see? We see the absolute opposite from the Left tonight!” said Regan, adding, “The heat is boiling over many in the liberal media, using and I mean using coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president.”

The host then said the Left was indifferent about “who they hurt, whether it be their need to create mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off unlike anything we’ve seen recently, or whether it be to create mass hysteria in order to stop our economy dead in its tracks.”

“Don’t kid yourself,” Regan said, “they told us how much they crave a recession to get rid of Donald Trump.”

“Of course, these are people’s jobs that the Left does not mind seeing them lose, these are people’s 401ks that are being decimated. And that’s okay with them? That’s okay with the Left?” the monologue continued. “In some ways, they seem to almost be cheering it on,” she said. “This is impeachment all over again.”

In a tweet pushing the monologue via her social media, Regan captioned the video: “We’ve reached a tipping point. The chorus of hate being leveled at [President Trump] is nearing a crescendo as [Democrats] blame him—and only him—for [Coronavirus] – a [virus] that originated halfway around the world! This is yet another attempt to [impeach] THE PRESIDENT.”

As noted by The New York Times, Regan last appeared on Fox airwaves March 13, informing her viewers “that her program would no longer be appearing for the foreseeable future.”

“I will see you all soon,” the host signed off what would be her last show. “Stay healthy, and stay safe.”

To view the monologue, click here

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