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Transgender Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom

The trial for a Wyoming transsexual accused of raping a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom began on Monday, reports the Billings Gazette.

Miguel Martinez, a biological male who identifies as a woman and goes by the name Michelle, allegedly “invited” the 10-year-old into a bathroom on March 23, where he proceeded to grope her breasts and genitals and penetrate her.

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After the alleged assault, the victim reportedly told police officials that “it hurt inside” before breaking down in tears.

As noted by the Gazette, “Nurses at the Wyoming Medical Center completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl’s genitalia.”

According to court documents, Martinez was found “extremely intoxicated” by police and accused the 10-year-old of “talking crap” and making up accusations as a “publicity stunt.” The Casper Star Tribune reports:

Police officers found Martinez passed out on a couch in a home in Evansville. Martinez was extremely intoxicated and hard to wake up, according to the documents. Officers drove Martinez to the Casper Police Department for an interview.

Martinez became “noticeably hostile and defensive” when a detective began asking about the girl’s allegations. Martinez said that the girl had been “talking crap” earlier that day and denied being a child molester. Martinez said the accusations were a “publicity stunt” before refusing to speak further with the detective.

The perp was reportedly a “family friend.”

Martinez was charged with one count each of first-degree and second-degree sexual abuse of a minor and faces up to 70 years in the slammer. He’s entered a plea of not guilty.

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