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Trans Woman Who Went Viral For Threatening ‘GameStop’ Employee: ‘I Wouldn’t Change A Single Thing’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The transgender woman who went viral in December for cussing out and threatening an Albuquerque GameStop employee for allegedly calling him “sir” is wholly unapologetic for the incident, saying he’d do it 1,000 times over again.

“Yeah, I could have reacted a whole lot better,” Tiffany Moore told KOB-TV n Monday. “But you know what, I look back at it and if I could, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I would do it 100,000 times again. I would kick over that display 100,000 times again. Because my actions were justified. I mean, it was blatant and malicious hate. It was blatant and malicious misgendering.”

In the viral video, Moore becomes belligerent with the employee, dropping cuss words and threatening to “take it outside” with the young man. “Ma’am! Once again: ‘ma’am!” Moore screams. “Mother f***er! Take it outside! You wanna call me ‘sir’ again? I will show you a f***ing sir!”

“I was so angry at that point because, literally, five or six times he had called me ‘Sir.’ He got me so fuming angry and I was cussing,” Moore told the news station.

The viral clip is “bringing so many bigots out of the woodwork,” said Moore.

“We’re humans just like you,” Moore said. “We’re people just like you. We have kids. We have parents. We have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, we’re just trying to live,” he added.

GameStop has since released a statement on the incident, asserting their commitment to being inclusive while standing by their employee:

GameStop prides itself on having a very diverse workforce, many of whom are members of the transgender community. We proudly support and serve everyone who enters our stores regardless of gender or gender expression.

The incident that occurred between Tiffany Moore and our GameStop associate was unfortunate. We believe our associate acted professionally after mis-speaking by apologizing and remaining calm to de-escalate the situation.

Like other corporations committed to inclusiveness, we are continually learning. This incident reminds us to continue pursuing efforts to ensure GameStop remains a diverse, inclusive culture that celebrates every person’s unique value.

The incident, previously reported on by The Daily Wire, transpired as follows:

“I don’t want credit, you’re going to give me my f***ing money back,” the customer yells.

A woman not in the view of the camera took issue with the trans person’s vulgar language.

“Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here — you need to watch your mouth,” she says in a calm voice.

The trans person instantly becomes aggressive, screaming, “Excuse me — it is ma’am! It is ma’am!”

“I’m sorry. I can call the police if you’d like me to. You need to settle down,” the woman responds, keeping her calm tone.

“You need to settle down!” the enraged customer screams back at her, pointing at her face. “You need to settle down and mind your business!”

The trans person then turns to the clerk: “Ma’am! Once again: ma’am!”

“I said, ‘both of you,'” contends the young employee.

“No, you said, ‘sir’; once again, it’s ma’am!” the trans person screams in response, before threatening to fight him. “Mother f***er! Take it outside! You wanna call me ‘sir’ again? I will show you a f***ing sir!”

The aggressive customer then kicks downs products in the store and walks toward the exit door, but then turns back around.

“I need your corporate number!” he yells from the back of the store, threatening to inform corporate about being “misgendered several times in the store” and demanding, “I need your corporate number now! Get it for me, now!”

The employee asks the customer to “calm down and stop cussing.”

“I’m gonna ask you for the fifth time to stop calling me a man, because, quite clearly, I am not!” the customer declares, continuing to berate the clerk.

The employee apologizes, “I’m sorry for that, ma’am, I will get you that number. … I’m asking you to stop cussing.”

“I’m not cussing,” responds the trans person, who then grunts two times and heads to the exit door, again.

Mumbling inaudible cuss words, the customer accuses the employee of “disrespecting trans people.”

“I plan on telling the entire LGBTQ community,” he tells the employee. “You’re going to lose money over this.”


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