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Trans ‘Male’ On Testosterone Set To Win State Wrestling Tournament In Women’s Division, AGAIN

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

In the pursuit of LGBT tolerance, some high school girls are competing against a female-to-male transgender fellow student, which would be fine, if she weren’t on steroids.

Texas high school wrestler Mack Beggs, 18, is biologically female but transitioning to the opposite sex, and has thus been on a dosage of testosterone since 2015. Beggs unsurprisingly took home the state championship last year in the 110-pound weight class and is on track to claim the title again this year, boasting a perfect 29-0 season thus far.

Due to University Interscholastic League rules, Beggs must wrestle as the gender listed on her birth certificate, which is female. But because she is transitioning, her testosterone injections (which of course give her an athletic advantage over non-testosterone-injecting females) are considered kosher.

The 18-year-old, with added some weight since last year, is now within 112-117 pounds, has a deeper voice and some facial hair.

Beggs’ wins are not without controversy, as you might suspect. A lawsuit has been filed alleging an “unfair advantage” and opponents have forfeited matches, reports The Daily Mail. ​

But the controversy, and the boos from the crowd, don’t faze the wrestler, she tells The Dallas Morning News.

“People don’t realize that what happened during state, that was really, honestly, nothing. That didn’t stop me from competing. That didn’t stop me from being who I was,” she said.

“It sure as hell didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to do in the past, and it won’t stop me from what I want to do in the future,” she added.

The Euless Trinity High School student has received a wrestling scholarship offer from a men’s college and will soon undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Transgender “males” on steroids beating the hell out of girls: this is the “fairness” of the future.


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