Trans-Identifying Inmate, Locked Up For Sexual Assault, Gropes Prison Guards

The inmate has been handed down another six-month sentence
Trans inmate Katana Paris
Greater Manchester Police

A 27-year-old transgender inmate who was locked up for sexually assaulting a nurse has admitted to groping two prison guards, one male and one female.

Katana Paris, who is biologically male but identifies as a woman and uses female pronouns, was sentenced to 37 months behind bars for pulling a nurse towards his genitals while in a hospital, The Daily Mail reported. Paris is serving his sentence at HM Prison Forest Bank, a men’s private prison near Manchester, England.

Last year, Paris touched a female prison guard inappropriately while she was serving him breakfast.

“She approached the defendant’s cell and unlocked the door in order to serve (Paris) breakfast,” prosecutor Megan Edwards said.

Paris then stepped out of the cell, though prisoners typically stay inside their cells, Edwards explained, adding, “She asked the defendant to move back, but the request was ignored. (Paris) then placed a hand on her hand, before sliding her fingers between her knuckles.”

The female officer, who was being helped with breakfast by two other inmates, then moved away. Paris, in reaction, “jumped up and down” as if “excited,” moved toward the guard and touched her genitals.

The guard was “shocked and in disbelief” that Paris “deliberately touched her like that,” Edwards said.

A prisoner who was around the area asked the guard if Paris had touched her, and the guard replied, “Yes, she just touched me.” The guard, however, continued to serve breakfast, not to draw attention to the incident, and then later reported what happened to her.

The next day, Paris grabbed the genitals of a male guard trying to serve the inmate lunch. The male officer described Paris as “aggressive” and recalled the inmate reaching out with his right hand and groping him after he unlocked the hatch to Paris’ door to pass along the food.

“He immediately felt violated and used his body strength to push her back into her cell,” the prosecutor said.


Attorney Rochelle Collins claimed Paris had emotional and mental health problems at the time of the incidents. “She is extremely remorseful and tells me this happened at a time when her mental health was at its lowest,” Collins argued, referring to Paris as a female. “She doesn’t want to continue with these types of behaviors. There has been no further complaint whilst she has been in custody.”

Judge Nicholas Dean KC noted that prison officers are “in a situation where they are vulnerable to these sorts of assaults and they deserve and require the protections of the courts when assaults such as this happen.”

“I have read and considered a presentence report, and I am not convinced you have shown any significant remorse,” Dean said. “It seems to me you regard what you did as being rather trivial.”

Paris, who admitted to the two counts of sexual assault, was handed down an additional six-month sentence.

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