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Towson University Hosts Student Presentation Claiming ‘White People Are A Plague’

A student presentation at Towson University called “The historical ties between homophobia in communities of color and colonization,” accused white people of being a “Plague to the Planet.” The incident was reported to Hypeline News by a former Towson University SGA member, who provided a photo of the presentation reportedly taken at the school.

White people plague

The Hypeline piece highlights feedback from Twitter users after the photo had gone viral.

“‘White people are a plague to the planet’ lmao imagine if it said ‘black people’ instead… that wouldn’t be so pretty,” one user said. Another sarcastically noted, “#ItsNotRadicalToSay white people are a plague to the planet.”

But leftist Twitter users seem to agree with the anarchic statement, some even repeating it for full efffect.

“White people… always proving to us they’re a plague upon this earth,” one user tweeted in response to a white girl who posted a selfie photo online. Another user justified, “Since I am no longer white due to my conversion to Islam I agree that white people are a plague.”

Because according to the American left, reverse racism is justified.