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TOTO: Hollywood Just Can’t Quit The Russian Collusion Hoax

By  Christian Toto
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 17:(L-R) Amy Hoggart, Samantha Bee, Mike Rubens, and Allana Harkin onstage during Full Frontal With Samantha Bee Presents Christmas On I.C.E. at PlayStation Theater on December 17, 2018 in New York City. 477176 (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for TBS)
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for TBS

Hollywood just can’t quit the Russian collusion hoax.

Oh, the industry adored the notion that Mother Russia, not that accursed Orange Man, defeated Hillary Clinton three years ago. Late Night TV became Russia-palooza. “Saturday Night Live” dedicated entire sketches to The Muller Report, its version of The Bible, thinking it would seal the collusion deal.

Samantha Bee also weighed in with a very special Mueller Christmas.

“This holiday season, as the Trumps gather around the blood tree, Trump will probably be at least a little afraid that it’ll be his last Christmas in the White House,” says ‘Full Frontal’ host.

Oscar winner Patricia Arquette even bragged about her Mueller votive candle.

And then the roof caved in. The actual Mueller Report felt like Geraldo Rivera cracking Al Capone’s vault all over again.

That hasn’t stopped Hollywood, Inc. from obsessing over Russia.


The latest proof comes courtesy of a new film project tied to Russian electoral interference. The focus is on Reality Winner, who gained notoriety after leaking government information to the press.

“The Spy Who Dumped Me” filmmaker Susanna Fogel will direct the drama “Winner.” The biopic will tell the real-life story of Reality Leigh Winner, a former American intelligence specialist who was the first to expose Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. She was arrested in 2017 and is currently serving a five-and-a-half year prison sentence.

The comments by the new film’s producers more than suggest the tone of the project.

“We have been longtime fans of Susanna Fogel and can think of no one better to capture this complex character through an empathetic and human lens,” [producer Dani] Melia said Tuesday in a statement….

Added [producer Peter] Fogel: “Reality Winner is a mouthpiece for a generation of young people who are struggling to square their personal ethics with the crumbling ethics of our country’s institutions, which we want to be proud of and have allegiance to.”

The producers have picked a curious person as their cinematic hero, beyond her illegal leaking.

…government officials found Winner’s hand-written notes: “I want to burn the White House down . . . find somewhere in Kurdistan to live,” she wrote in one note. In other notes, Winner sympathized with Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour.

Then again, showing sympathy for Winner isn’t out of the ordinary. Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron recently admitted playing a former Fox News anchor troubled her more than bringing a serial killer to the big screen.

It’s hardly the only indication Hollywood hasn’t given up on the Russia-Trump connection. As recently as June a gaggle of notable stars, including “Bombshell” star John Lithgow, Annette Bening and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, took part on a live reading of The Mueller Report.

If only we saw our best and brightest actors read the report our collective minds would change. Meanwhile, that very same report isn’t playing a starring role in the current impeachment drive.

Last week, celebrated director Rob Reiner used Twitter to accuse Republicans, not just Trump, of colluding with Russia.

‘Every elected Republican knows that this President is guilty of countless Impeachable offenses … But they, along with many White Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin.

Stephen Colbert, who famously called Trump President Vladimir Putin’s “c***holster,” refuses to let the Trump/Russia hoax go.

In October Colbert attacked the president’s policies on Syria, making the same ol’ connection – wink, wink.

“It could be argued that getting out of the endless wars in the Middle East is not a bad thing, but the way Trump did this, make no mistake who wins here: his buddy Vladimir Putin, who yesterday met with Erdogan to carve up Syria like a Christmas shawarma.”

Last month, Colbert went back to the well. The far-left activist imitated Putin’s entry into a pro-Trump rap contest.

Call Russia to-day
You trust me more than your own CIA
Invite me to the White House
Which I want badly
I got ideas for next election make you much happy

You see, not only did Putin win the 2016 election for Trump. He’s got plans for 2020, too.

That speaks volumes about Hollywood’s enduring Russia obsession. It’s not just about 2016. Stars are setting the stage for 2020, in case Candidate Biden/Warren/Buttigieg/Sanders loses to President Trump.

They’re rehearsing their excuse lines for Nov. 4, 2020.

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