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TOTO: Dennis Prager Is Fighting For Free Speech With ‘No Safe Spaces’

By  Christian Toto

Dennis Prager says today’s higher education is a joke, only the talk show veteran isn’t laughing.

Instead, he’s rolling up his sleeves to finish “No Safe Spaces,” a Spring release capturing the fight for free speech at U.S. universities. The feature film, co-starring Adam Carolla, documents how conservative thought, or any ideas outside the progressive mainstream, are routinely attacked on campuses nationwide.

“The Left has made our universities a laughingstock … everything the Left touches, it ruins … literally,” Prager says.

The Salem Radio Network star, speaking with the Hollywood in Toto Podcast, says academia today is committed to “the pursuit of social justice as the Left understands it.”

Prager routinely draws a stark line between “liberal” and the “Left.” The former can be seen in “No Safe Spaces,” including progressive figures like Professor Alan M. Dershowitz, Cornel West and Van Jones. Their inclusion may challenge critics eager to say the film is preaching to a conservative choir.

Prager teased a portion of the film where he interviews Dershowitz on the current culture fight. “Listen, I’m a liberal. I’m a Democrat. I’m a Jew. And I fear the Left much more than the Right,” Prager recalls the professor saying.

A recent free speech smackdown shows the insidious nature of the problem. Left-leaning comic Nimesh Patel, a former “Saturday Night Live” scribe, got booted during a December performance at Columbia University for a joke deemed insufficiently woke.

The vast majority of students didn’t seek Patel’s removal. The size of the offended group doesn’t matter, Prager suggests. It’s often a few angry voices who demand, and get, change. History has shown us this time and again, he says.

“It is very rare that the ‘minority bad’ do not win. In the long, long run of history they lose,” he says. Prager makes it crystal clear he’s not comparing the modern Left to Nazis, but he notes how the Nazis in Germany represented a small minority who eventually took over.

“That is because the great majority of other people are weak,” he adds. “The human condition is that there are a handful of bad, a handful of good and a lot of people who won’t fight.”

Several news outlets openly scoffed at “No Safe Spaces” when the film project first hit the news cycle.

That doesn’t surprise Prager.

For the media, “free expression is not their life blood. Their life blood is Leftist expression,” he says. “The interest of the New York Times in free expression is zero. Zero.”

He compares how The Wall Street Journal penned several op-eds about his online university, Prager U, getting slapped with a restrictive label by (owned by Google). This despite the lack of objectionable content on the videos in question. The New York Times failed to cover the matter, Prager notes.

“Free speech for conservative is, to them, hate speech. They don’t believe in free speech for hate speech … hate speech does not deserve to be protected,” he says. “The life blood of contemporary journalists is the ability to undo the last election in the most immediately sense and to undo the West in the most broadest sense.”

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