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‘Totally Objective’ CNN Anchor Gushes Over Bathing Suit-Clad Obama. It’s Weird.

“Totally Objective” CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin took to the airwaves on Tuesday to gush over “jacked” President Obama.


During a segment on the ever-important topic, photos of the former president kite-surfing were shown on screen. That’s when Ms. Baldwin, unable to contain herself, said, “I mean, can we say on TV that President Obama is jacked?”

Like a “totally objective” giddy school girl doing the “news,” Baldwin giggled uncontrollably.

CNN host Brianna Keilar, who was on air with Baldwin at the time, succinctly replied, “Well, you just said it.”

“He seems to have had some time perhaps to spend some time in the gym, which he did make a regular habit of that as president,” she added.


Well, that’s it. You had a good run, universe. But I think we can all agree this was the last straw.

— Caleb Howe (@CalebHowe) February 7, 2017

And the appropriate reaction provided by Red State managing editor Caleb Howe:

It’s nice to see the love affair between Obama and the media is still going strong.