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‘Top Chef’ Judges Shill For Planned Parenthood

Abortion propaganda is everywhere on television, not only among shows like “Scandal” and “Glow,” but now in fun competition shows like “Top Chef.”

Nowhere is safe.

As LifeNews pointed out, the judges on the hit Bravo show “Top Chef” — Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot and Jonathan Waxman — all showed their support for “reproductive rights” with Planned Parenthood lapel pins.

“I’ve been supporting @PPFA for a long, long time and want to thank @BravoTopChef for letting me showcase them tonight. #PlannedParenthood #TopChef,” show host Padma Lakshmi tweeted on March 8.

Planned Parenthood appreciated the gesture:

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards tweeted, “Your support is always appreciated.”

Many Twitter users welcomed Lakshmi’s support of Planned Parenthood, thanking her for using her platform as propaganda for the abortion giant. But others were just flat out annoyed at all the politicking.

“Why does politics have to invade everything? … Come on just stick with food. … can’t we relax?” tweeted one user.

Padma Lakshmi replied: “No @petewitte we can’t relax. We need food for survival, we also need privacy to deal with our own bodies as we see fit.”

The irony of the connection between abortion and “survival” was apparently missed by the host, but others didn’t miss other ironic elements of the post. Given that Lakshmi is of Indian descent, some people pointed out that the founder of Planned Parenthood, racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, would not have taken kindly to her back in the day.

“I find it odd that you so willingly support an organization whose founder would have wanted you exterminated,” tweeted one user. “Guess it’s just easier for some people to look the other way on some things.”

Another user pointed out that the host continually referred to her unborn child as a baby when she was pregnant on the show.

“Padma, when you were pregnant on the show several years ago, why did I never ONCE hear you refer to your baby as anything other than a BABY?” said one user. “It’s ONLY a nothing-blob when you DON’T WANT IT. What’s even more sickening, YOU ALL KNOW IT! He/she is IN your body-not IS your body!”

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