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WATCH: Top 5 Versions Of The Antifa Protester Being Hit In The Balls Outside Trump’s Rally

By  Jacob

On Tuesday, a group of left-wing Antifa protesters surrounded the stadium where President Donald Trump gave his speech in Phoenix, Arizona. Things got hilarious when one protester took a shot from a rubber bullet in the groin after kicking a tear gas canister back at law enforcement.

It was a case of instant karma. The guy fell to the ground as one of his fellow leftists rushed to his aid.

Twitter users had fun with the video, mixing in music and dialogue to add to the pain this Antifa supporter endured.

Here are the top 5.

# 5 — The classic slow motion. Someone took time to slow the footage down so you can see the pain frame-by-frame.

#4 — WWE Commentary. This one is edited to have WWE JR dialogue overdubbed onto the footage.

#3 — Golf ball. This video mixes in Trump hitting a golf ball then cuts to the Antifa protester getting hit.

#2 —Titanic. The Daily Caller‘s Tim Young shared this remix featuring Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

#1— Romantic. Right after the guy gets it in the groin, the hit Whitney Houston song, I Will Always Love You begins playing — as requested by Ben Shapiro on his podcast this morning.

UPDATE: Number two has been attributed to its original creator.

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