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TOLERANCE: Leftists Encourage Children to Demolish Trump-Like Piñatas, Yell ‘Kill Donald Trump’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The notorious faux tolerance of the left was put on full display during an outing by the socialist group Knights for Socialism at the University of Central Florida, where makeshift piñatas with the faces of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon were demolished.

Student takes a whack @realDonaldTrump piñata

— UCF Knight News (@UCFKnightNews) February 10, 2017

The tolerant socialists also encouraged the participation of passing school children to “beat” in the faces of the political figures. One young child even enthusiastically said, “Let me kill Donald Trump,” before collecting the candy from a smashed piñata with the face of Sessions.

In the video captured by Jacob Engles from the East Orlando Post, the socialists are seen tying up the piñatas in a tree and then beating them with a stick. After the Sessions-faced piñata is destroyed, one socialist yells, “Make sure the ambulance comes here a bit late!”

School children stop by the event at two points during the video. The first time, one Knights for Socialism member encourages the children to join in the piñata-bashing. “Come beat Jeff Sessions’ face in!” he yells. One child is led over the piñata and has a blindfold put on him, but right before he swings, his teacher has a change of heart and bars the student from beating in Sessions’ face.

Later in the video, around the nine-minute mark, school children engage in the piñata beating event, collecting the candy from the ground while laughing along with their teachers and/or supervisors. One especially excited student asks if he can “kill Donald Trump.”


As noted by The Daily Caller, one member of the socialist group is seen wearing an “antifa international” hoodie, “a radical group that has been involved in rioting and violence nationwide.”

“There’s been no negativity by any means but definitely a lot of interest and a lot of good conversations with people,” said Knights for Socialism President Dylan Tyer, ironically of the piñata-bashing event.

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