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TOLERANCE: Fashionistas Shun Tiffany Trump at Fashion Week

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Fashion editors attending the much-hyped New York Fashion Week took out their hatred for President Donald Trump on his youngest daughter, Tiffany, through a good old fashioned act of public ostracization.

The Morally Superior Fashion Editors apparently created “chaos” at The Phillip Plein show when they refused to sit near the First Daughter, afraid to catch Trump Germs. That’s right, a bunch of snobby fashionistas embarrassed and shamed a 23-year-old girl because they dislike her father.

Can’t you just feel the tolerance and inclusion leftists love to speak of?

“Seating sh*t show at Philipp Plein because no editors want to sit near Tiffany Trump. SHOCKER,” wrote editor Alyssa Klein via Twitter. fashion editor Nikki Ogunnaike joined in, describing the editors as “fleeing” Tiffany.

“We moved and are down the hall. Come thru,” wrote Ogunnaike. “Phillip Plein at 10PM: 1 hour late start, editors fleeing just so they don’t have to sit behind Tiffany Trump.”

Christina Binkley, a fashion writer for The Wall Street Journal posted a photo of young Tiffany sitting with empty seats to her left.

“Empty seats next to Tiffany Trump,” Binkley captioned the image.

Following the show, Tiffany’s friend Andrew Warren came to her defense, denouncing the report and suggesting the seat next to the First Daughter was “never empty” but reserved for the designer’s family.

Me and my best #lastnight at @philippplein78 @philipppleininternational (ps. That seat was never empty it was reserved for his family)

A post shared by Andrew Warren (@adwarren) on Feb 14, 2017 at 8:41am PST

Tiffany’s fashion dramas follow the snubbing of her stepsister Ivanka’s fashion line by US department stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Both stores said that the move was due to declining interest with The Wall Street Journal reporting a 32 per cent drop in sales during the past fiscal year.

Although children of politicians, particularly those who steer clear of politics like Tiffany, are allegedly “off limits,” the left just can’t help themselves. Their blind hatred for President Trump is so potent that it transcends even silly fashion shows.

Even more egregious: the attack on 10-year-old Barron Trump from washed-up comedian Rosie O’Donnell. The former talk show host with a long-time feud with Donald Trump posted a video which focuses on the boy’s mannerisms and suggests he has autism, a video O’Donnell claims she posted out of concern but appears to have been done in malice. The has-been eventually issued a public apology to First Lady Melania Trump for the post.

Additionally, earlier this month, the president’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, had her fashion line dropped from two big-name department stores, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. The successful business woman has been a frequent target of the left, being the victim of a verbal attack while on a flight with her family and subject to a public outing after signing up for a class at a gym under an alias.

Remember, tolerance and inclusion is always a one-way street with the left. If you disagree, or apparently disagree by proxy, prepare to be steam-rolled.

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