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TOLERANCE: This Department Store Just Booted Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line From Their Site

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Neiman Marcus no longer has President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka’s jewelry line available on their website. According to the Business Insider, there are at least 15 products from Ivanka that have been removed from the site since Wednesday.

“A search of the website shows no results for any products by Trump. Her brand’s name is also no longer on the main list of designers on the site,” notes The Hill.

Although the department store has yet to issue a statement addressing why the First Daughter’s line has been suddenly removed, it seems clear why: good old fashioned leftist “tolerance.”

Even pre-dating the stunning November 8 presidential election, the fashion world has taken out their disdain for Donald Trump on his family. Countless fashion designers have refused to dress Ivanka and now-First Lady Melania Trump, while others in the fashion world have publicly accused Ivanka, who ironically is a New York-style liberal, of providing “sinister complicity in aiding the most aggressively anti-woman candidate of our time.” Elle Magazine, a leftist fashion magazine, even took the time to publish a sick hit piece on Ivanka essentially labeling her some evil tool of the sexist patriarchy.

As noted by The Hill, Neiman Marcus is not the only department store making moves to rid themselves of Ivanka: “Nordstrom is planning to reduce its stock of merchandise from President Trump’s daughter as more retailers have been targeted by boycott threats over any Trump family products.”

“This is a sharply divisive subject,” said Co-President Pete Nordstrom. “No matter what we do, we are going to end up disappointing some of our customers. Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results — if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.”​

Last month, leftist artists rebuked Ivanka for having bought pieces of their artwork, some even asking for their pieces back…because that’s the way transactions work.

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