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Time Magazine Debuts First Ever Nancy Pelosi Cover. It’s Very Nancy Pelosi.

For the first time ever, the gift that keeps on giving, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has been given her own cover on Time Magazine.

“The persistence of Nancy Pelosi,” reads the red and white caption emblazoned over a self-assured Nancy Pelosi as she expresses a look that says “I’m a survivor.” Witness the magic:

Despite having served as the first woman House Speaker from 2007 to 2011, Pelosi has not enjoyed her own cover at either Time or Newsweek, according to HuffPo. For some reason, leftists are furious with that, even though Nancy Pelosi has alienated more swing voters from the Democratic Party than Hillary Clinton’s cackle. For up-and-coming revolutionaries like David Hogg, she’s an “old” establishment crony who “just won’t move the f*** off the plate and let us take control.” For conservatives, she’s the embodiment of everything that’s wrong in the Democratic Party.

When even President Trump wants Pelosi to stay on board, Democrats should know they need to find a new leader. Fortunately, they haven’t, and now she has a profile in Time magazine, which begins in the most Nancy Pelosi of ways as she comments on why she prefers ice cream on a cold winter’s morning.

“Nancy Pelosi stopped caring about what people think of her a long time ago, so she has no qualms about eating ice cream for breakfast with a stranger,” reads the first sentence. “Dark chocolate, two scoops, waffle cone.”

It was a freezing January morning in New York.

“You know what’s good about ice cream in this weather?” Pelosi reportedly said. “It doesn’t melt down your arm while you’re eating it.”

We love you, Pelosi. Please stay in the House for as long as you can muster. Run for president some day. Break that glass ceiling. Let the history books show that YOU were the trailblazer.