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Time Columnist: Blame Hillary’s Failures on Penises

In the last throes of the agony of the Hillary campaign, her media allies have emerged to explain that Hillary is merely a victim of penises. Yes: penises. Today, Jill Filipovic wrote at about Hillary’s rough go of it: “The first woman is just days away from (probably) being elected President of the United States, and so of course her candidacy has been fraught by two guys obsessed with their own penises, including one whose last name is literally Weiner.”

Now, it’s true that rogue Weiner has derailed the Clinton campaign. But that’s because Hillary Clinton chooses to associate with men who have penis problems. She stood by Bill for her own political gain, and attacked those who accused him of sexual assault and harassment. She grinned as Huma Abedin married Anthony Weiner. And she worked with Abedin closely despite years of allegations about Weiner’s technological habits with women, including underage women.

Ben Shapiro
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