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‘This Is Just Insane’: Laura Ingraham Talks With Matt Walsh About ‘What Is A Woman?’ Documentary
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Matt Walsh sat down with Laura Ingraham Thursday night to discuss his new documentary, “What Is a Woman?” and told the Fox News host who the groundbreaking film’s real hero is.

The film was packed with nonstop shocking moments from start to finish, but a few key interviews are generating a lot of buzz from viewers. One of those was his talk with Scott Newgent, a transgender man who warned about the dangers of promoting trans lifestyles to children. 

“Scott Newgent is the hero of the film. Such a remarkable contrast between the raw openness and honesty in this interview and the evasiveness and defensiveness from the ‘experts’ I spoke to,” Walsh tweeted

While Newgent wants to talk about trans issues, Walsh points out to Ingraham how proponents of medical intervention for children are eager to shut down conversations. One of those was Dr. Michelle Forcier, an associate professor of pediatrics and assistant dean of admissions at the Brown University Alpert Medical School.

“The more you describe what it is, the more people out there go, ‘What?!’” Ingraham observed. She then asked Walsh to describe chemical castration, which he mentioned in the film.

“That is quite literally what they’re doing to kids,” Walsh replies. “What they refer to euphemistically – everything that they say is covered in euphemism – euphemistically, they say ‘puberty blockers’ for kids, and then they tell a lot of lies about how it’s all reversible and temporary and all that stuff, and that’s not true. But the actual drug that they give to kids is called Lupron, and that is a drug that they give to sex offenders for chemical castration.”

Forcier stood out in the documentary because of her commitment to helping young children “transition.” 

When Walsh asked what age children who believe they are transgender should begin medications, Forcier says “medical affirmation begins when the patient says they’re ready for it. So, that could be a kiddo who is just starting puberty and panicking ’cause they’re getting breast buds, or their penis is getting bigger and busier, and they’re worried about all kinds of masculine changes.”

Forcier added that puberty blockers are “wonderful” because they’re “completely reversible” and “don’t have permanent effects.”

As soon as Walsh brings up Lupron and how it’s also used to chemically castrate sex offenders, Forcier ends the interview.

Ingraham also played a clip of the gender-affirming therapist Walsh spoke with, who agrees that it’s worth discussing if Walsh could himself be a woman because he’s watched “Sex and the City” and likes scented candles.

“Are we really living on planet Earth?” Ingraham said while responding to the clip. “I mean, we’re talking about children, we’re talking about children’s innocence, we’re talking about kids who make so many decisions that they end up regretting. Matt … this is just insane.” 

He replied: “… On the surface, you run up against these things and you just have to laugh, it’s funny because it’s so absurd. And that is the appropriate response to absurdity. But then you go one level under and you go beneath the surface and you see that there’s something quite sinister happening.”

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