‘This Is Embarrassing’: Tulsi Gabbard Slams Kamala Harris For Her Remarks During International Trip
Democratic U.S. Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) speaks at the IBEW Local Union 58 on October 25, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan.
Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard slammed Vice President Kamala Harris for her jumbled remarks during a trip to Munich, claiming “this is embarrassing” for Americans.

Gabbard made the comments during Fox News’ “Hannity” with host Sean Hannity on Monday in reaction to the vice president’s efforts regarding Russia’s escalated actions against Ukraine.

“My gosh, this is embarrassing. It’s hard to keep track of all of those jumbles of words. And it’s clear she was sent there to be the voice of the United States as a purely political calculation,” Gabbard told Hannity.

“You and I both know she has no foreign policy background, no foreign policy understanding. She has no concept of the cost of war, nor does she have the temperament necessary to be the voice of the United States on the global stage. So, it is embarrassing to see this play out,” Gabbard added.

She also criticized Harris for her confusing talk of deterrence and sanctions.

“How do you deter someone by punishing them before they do it? It’s very simple. This is kind of like grade school understanding where if you say I’m going to punish you before you do something, wouldn’t the kid say, ‘OK, fine. I might as well go ahead and do it anyway.’ This is not rocket science here,” the former Hawaiian congresswoman said.

Hannity also took to Twitter to criticize the vice president’s diplomacy in Germany.

“[The sanctions are] directed at institutions — in particular, financial institutions — and individuals, and it will exact absolute harm for the Russian economy and their government,” Harris said, according to Hannity’s website.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky instead asked the U.S. and other allies to impose sanctions against Russia now.

“We don’t need your sanctions after the bombardment will happen, and after our country will be fired at or after we will have no borders or after we will have no economy or parts of our country will be occupied,” Zelensky said at the security conference, according to the report. “Why would we need those sanctions then?”

On Monday, Gabbard released a Twitter post predicting a Russia-U.S./Ukraine conflict will quickly “go cyber.”

“A Russia-US/Ukraine conflict will quickly go cyber with mutual attacks on communication/information assets, which will blind both sides to the other’s plans, actions & intentions, increasing the likelihood of miscalculation & misunderstanding, thereby drastically increasing the…likelihood of the conflict going nuclear (accidentally or intentionally). And what for? To supposedly protect a ‘democracy’ that really isn’t a democracy; to distract from domestic failures/show how tough Biden is. Biden can prevent war, but I fear he lacks the courage to do so,” she tweeted.

Gabbard has also criticized Harris in previous statements. In a January Twitter post, she called out the vice president in a discussion about the nomination of a black woman as the nation’s next Supreme Court nominee.

“Biden chose Harris as his VP because of the color of her skin and sex—not qualification. She’s been a disaster. Now he promises to choose Supreme Court nominee on the same criteria. Identity politics is destroying our country,” she tweeted.

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