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These 7 States Have The Nation’s Best Gun Laws

Stuck in a state with stringent gun laws? Fortunately, the United States’s system of federalism allows gun owners to move to states with more favorable gun laws so they can enjoy their God-given right to own a firearm.

Here are the seven states that have the country’s best gun laws.

1. Arizona. Arizona undoubtedly has the best gun laws in the country; in short, there are very few of them. Permits are not necessary to purchase a handgun or rifle and carry them openly or in a concealed manner. Arizona also has Shall Sign laws that require chief law enforcement officers (CLEOs) to sign off on National Firearm Academy (NFA) applications within a certain period of time. Overall, Arizona has a great gun culture, with a vast array of shooting ranges available.

2. Alaska. Alaska is very similar to Arizona in terms of gun laws. Firearms can also be carried without a permit. Any firearm that isn’t banned under federal law can be purchased in any part of the state and can be bought without any waiting periods. While Alaska doesn’t have Shall Sign laws, CLEOs typically sign off on NFA applications in a timely manner.

3. Vermont. For a dark blue state, Vermont has surprisingly lenient gun laws. The minimum age to purchase a handgun is 16 years of age in Vermont, carry is legal without a permit, and people are allowed to own silencers. Though Vermont is currently highly ranked for pro-Second Amendment policies, the leftists that have flooded the state are constantly attacking the citizens’ gun rights, such as proposing universal background check legislation.

4. Kansas. Kansas also doesn’t require a permit for concealed carry, and even allows public workers to carry on work grounds, with the exception of school employees. College students will be able to obtain permits for concealed carry on campus in 2017. The state allows for open carry, bans gun buyback programs and has implemented a “Shall Sign” law.

5. Mississippi. Open and concealed carry are allowed even without a permit, although people can’t carry a gun in designated places, like bars, schools, private businesses and a police station. An enhanced permit allows people to carry guns in some of those places. Also, Mississippi doesn’t require gun dealers to have a license, has “Castle Doctrine” laws and prevents localities from encroaching on gun rights.

6. Kentucky. Kentucky also has “Castle Doctrine” and “Shall Sign” laws, doesn’t require a permit to buy a firearm and allows for firearms to be bought in other states and through private parties so long as federal and state laws are obeyed, and has made it easy to obtain permits for concealed carry as well as recognize permits from most of the other states in the country. Kentucky also has a strong gun culture, as reflected by their large annual gun shows.

7. Utah. Utah’s gun laws are excellent. Their concealed carry permits are recognized by 36 other states in the country, and the state recognizes permits from other states. Nonresidents can also obtain a permit. Utah also features strong Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws and doesn’t place any regulations on tactical-type firearms.

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