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There’s Such A Thing As ‘Professional Cuddling’ — And There’s A Really Awkward Video About It, Too

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Although we’re regularly told that we’re now more connected to others than ever before, there’s apparently a great sting of loneliness plaguing our so-called progressive lives. With young people delaying marriage, or forgoing the tradition entirely, coupled with the cold comfort of technology, the business of professional cuddling has sprouted into a reality.

Yes, professional cuddling. As in, one grown human being pays another grown human being to lay with them, caress their skin, and cuddle. It’s like the sadder, less dignified version of prostitution.

Featured in a super creepy video for Business Insider UK on cuddling services, one woman named Claudia Romeo said she’s “been going through a tough time lately” and was excited to see if the cuddling session would help lift her spirits.

“Professional cuddlist” Dieniz Costa classified the session as a “safe space” where her clients can “explore touch.”

“More likely than not, they’re not getting the level of touch that they need in their everyday life,” said Costa.

After we watch some seriously awkward touching (guided by the “cuddle sutra”) between the cuddler extraordinaire and the client, Romeo discusses how pleasing the session was. According to the cuddled woman, the cuddling felt much shorter than it was (a full hour) and left her feeling “very relaxed.”

“Our society is hungry to feel close to ourselves and others in healthy ways. Cuddling is a vehicle for this,” says Cuddlist’s website.

“All human beings have bodies and emotions,” it reads. “We need to feel a sense of physical and emotional safety and belonging with others. This is the experience our cuddlists are trained to provide. It is pioneering work. We are bringing something new and needed to those who are ready to try it.”

Apparently, the concept is popular with liberals here in the United States, as well. As reported by The Daily Wire in August, heartbroken Hillary supporters hit up The Love Dome in Venice, California, to cuddle away their Election Day pain. The “G-rated” cuddle orgies spiked in November following Trump’s White House win, according to Rolling Stone.

The video is straight cringe. Enjoy!

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