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There’s a Good Chance Lena Dunham Committed Voter Fraud or Lied About Voting Hillary

During the 2016 Democratic primary and general election, Hollywood elite Lena Dunham couldn’t have been more vocal about her support for former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Dunham bragged about Hillary “making history,” downplayed her potentially criminal activity, sported some of the most hideous pro-Hillary outfits, and even stripped and rapped for the severely flawed candidate. Seriously.

But, plot twist: It appears likely that little miss Dunham did not vote for Hillary during the primary, or, if she did, she may have committed voter fraud.

Let me explain. Dunham lives in New York, which is a state with a so-called “closed primary.” This means that only registered Democrats are allowed to vote in the Democratic primary and registered Republicans in the Republican primary. For instance, I live in New York and am a registered Conservative; I was barred from casting a ballot during the Republican primary. Dunham is apparently not registered with any political party, according to a report from Vice journalist Michael Tracey, and therefore would be barred from voting in the New York State Democratic primary.

“Did you know? Lena Dunham is not registered with any party in NY, so therefore could not have voted for Hillary in the NY primary this year,” wrote Tracey via Twitter.

If she was indeed still non-party affiliated, this photo of Dunham with her “I voted” sticker is either evidence of voter fraud—Dunham voting in a closed Democratic primary without being a registered Democrat—or, Dunham just lying through her teeth that she voted.

The feminist maintains that she somehow found a way to “clear up” her registration issue and vote for Hillary in the New York State primary.

“it’s silly to have to clear this up rather than focus on a historic day, but campaigning for Hillary I took my registration VERY seriously,” wrote Dunham via Twitter, on Election Day.

But this is seriously a stretch. Here’s why: According to CNN, Donald Trump’s own children Eric and Ivanka Trump were barred from voting for their father during the New York State Republican primary because they too were non-party affiliated, and did not register to the Republican Party in October of 2015 as they would have been required to:

Eric and Ivanka needed to have changed their registration to Republican by October 9, 2015 in order to vote in the state’s closed primary. Yahoo News reported last week that the two Trump children were not registered with any party.

The two called New York’s registration process “one of the most onerous” in a statement and argued the deadline for changing their party registration was October 2015. The New York State Board of Elections states anyone must register before March 25, but in order to switch partiesvoters had to file before October 9, 2015.

So, while Ivanka Trump couldn’t charm her way into “clearing up” her registration issue, somehow Lena Dunham supposedly did? Hm. The Huffington Post gave better odds to Trump winning the general.

NOTE: Lena Dunham previously vowed to leave the country if Trump won on November 8. She is still here. Please click here to sign and share a petition to encourage Dunham to fulfill her promise.