‘There’s Further To Go’: Tom Hiddleston Hopes His Disney Marvel Character ‘Loki Coming Out As Bisexual Was Meaningful’

Actor Tom Hiddleston speaks onstage at Marvel Studios "Thor: The Dark World" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" during Comic-Con International 2013 at San Diego Convention Center on July 20, 2013 in San Diego, California.
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Tom Hiddleston hopes his Disney Marvel character “Loki coming out as bisexual was meaningful” and a “small step” but said “there’s further to go” when it comes to representing the comic book’s character’s sexuality.

During the 41-year-old actor’s recent interview with the Guardian, the “Thor” star was asked about his character making the transition from the big screen to the small one with his hit Marvel spinoff series on Disney+ and called it an honor.

“I was just really honoured to be asked,” Hiddleston explained. “We all wanted to retain the integrity of the character – I wanted to make sure we didn’t lose the bits that people loved, while doing something new.”

“I also hope Loki coming out as bisexual was meaningful to people who spotted it,” he added. “It was a small step, and there’s further to go. But it was definitely important to all of us.”

For those that might’ve missed it, it happened during the third episode “Lamentis” in which Hiddleston’s character discusses his past romantic relationships with Lady Loki, i.e. Sylvie (played by Sophia Di Martino), reported IGN.

Sylvie asked Loki whether he’s ever been interested in “would-be princesses, or perhaps another prince?”

“A bit of both. I suspect the same as you,” Loki replied.

After the episode aired, director Kate Herron tweeted that “From the moment I joined Loki it was very important to me, and my goal, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual.”

“It is a part of who he is and who I am too,” Herron added. “I know this is a small step but I’m happy, and heart is so full, to say that this is now canon in [the] MCU.”

In 2021, “The Avengers” star’s co-star Di Martino told Variety that having Loki come out as bisexual was important to Herron.

“I think people have been waiting a long time for it,” Sophia shared. “The comic books allude to it and even the Norse mythology, I think. It’s been around for so long, and it was really important to her to have that in the show … I’ve got to say how happy it makes me that people are happy to see that.”

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