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The Left’s Correct, There Is No Such Thing As ‘Reverse Racism’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The left is correct. There is no such thing as “reverse racism.”

It’s just plain old racism.

Far leftists have a nasty habit of vilifying white people so much so that they brand them incapable of being victims of racism — even if they actually are. They coined the phrase “reverse racism” — when a white person is a victim of racism perpetrated by a minority — and in the same breath suggest it “doesn’t exist” by invoking made-up class systems where all white people, by virtue of their skin color, are “oppressors” and people of color are permanent victims. Which itself is a racist notion.

The claim is that all white people are recipients of inherent “privilege” and “power,” even if they are born poor to a single mother in Detroit. That doesn’t matter. By citing decontextualized statistics, such as wage disparities (based on things like career choices and education, not race) and disproportional incarceration rates, they are able to perpetuate the universal “white privilege” narrative.

So when a black gang ties up, beats and tortures a white mentally disabled veteran while forcing him to say “f*** white people!” on a Facebook livestream? That’s racism. Not “reverse racism.” Nor is it simply “rude.”

When Buzzfeed celebrates people of color labeling all white people a “plague to the planet”? Racism.

When hipsters at MTV lecture white males about how terrible they are by virtue of their skin? You guessed it, racism.

And on the flip side, when scumbag white supremacists target and murder innocent black church-goers? That’s racism.

As it is when businessman Carl Paladino makes vile “Africa” so-called “jokes” about President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Clearly, race relations over the last eight years have deteriorated dramatically. Claiming that white people can’t be victims of racism doesn’t help the problem. Nasty racism should always be called out when it happens. We should never diminish it by feigning racism where there is none, nor should we ignore it because it doesn’t serve our political narrative.

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