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The Washington Post Pushes The Gender Wage Gap. Turns Out It Has A Wage Gap Of Its Own.
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The loudest voices pushing the gender wage gap myth often fail to adhere to their own standards. The latest example comes from The Washington Post, which, other than some decent fact checks on the subject from Glenn Kessler, continues to insist the pay gap is real and due to discrimination against women.

A report from the Post’s union, however, shows that the legacy media outlet has its own gender wage gap problem. The report found that the median pay for women working at the Post is $91,816, while the median pay for men is $109,928. The median pay for hourly employees puts women ahead, with women making $30.77 per hour while men make just $25.84 per hour.

The union, or guild, then broke down the median salaries of Post employees by gender and race. The median salaries for white men ($111,035) and black men ($99,931) were higher than the median salary of white women ($95,780). At the bottom of the list were black women ($87,808), Latino women ($80,250) and women of two or more races ($75,000) or an undisclosed race ($73,000).

The report also found that merit raises at the company seem to favor white male journalists. White employees received 75.7% of all merit-based pay raises, while men received 51.7% of them (meaning near parity among the sexes). The report that performance evaluation scores allegedly favored white employees. Employees at the Post are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, and the report found that 85% of those employees who received a score of 4 or higher were white. The report found that 37% of those given a score lower than 3 were employees of color (meaning 63% of those receiving low scores were also white). Post employees are 64.4% white.

The Post guild claims the disparity persists even when controlling for age and job description, but there are numerous other factors that can lead to the gap, such as experience (may not necessarily be tied to age) and negotiating ability.

It is amusing to see a company like the Post, which is so committed to painting women as victims of mass discrimination, grapple with its own discrimination claims. The same has happened to lawmakers who push the gender wage gap.

President Barack Obama and his administration were one of the most persistent purveyors of the wage-gap myth (it is more accurately an earnings gap, as it typically measures what men and women earn at the end of the year, rather than what they are individually paid). A report of the Obama White House found that the median salary for men was higher than the median salary for women. The Obama administration countered by pointing out the discrepancy was due to more men at top-level positions, but highlighted the fact that the administration was hiring more women to junior positions in an effort to enact change.

The Washington Free Beacon conducted several studies of Democrat campaigns and offices, finding pay disparities on Obama’s 2012 campaign, as well as the senate offices of Hillary Clinton and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

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