‘The U.S. Is Completely Insane’: Director David Cronenberg Comments On ‘Roe V. Wade’ At Cannes

David Cronenberger
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A Canadian director is weighing in on the possibility of overturning Roe v. Wade in the United States, claiming the country is “completely insane.” 

David Cronenberg, who’s best known for the films “Crash,” “The Naked Lunch,” and “A History of Violence,” made the comments while debuting his new project “Crimes of the Future,” per The Guardian

“In Canada … we think everyone in the U.S. is completely insane. I think the U.S. has gone completely bananas, and I can’t believe what the elected officials are saying, not just about Roe v. Wade, so it is strange times,” the 79-year-old Toronto native said.

Cronenberg further compared relations between Canada and the U.S. to feelings Russians have toward Ukraine. “We talk about Putin and the invasion of Ukraine, but then south of the border in Canada we feel the vibrations that are weirdly similar.”

“Crimes of the Future” is not an explicitly pro-abortion film, but it does tackle the concept of “who owns who’s body,” the publication noted. The director explained how he conceived the project twenty years ago and feels it’s even more relevant for modern audiences. 

“You could feel, even then, that this was coming. A kind of oppressive ownership and control. It’s the constant in history, that there’s somewhere in the world that wants to control its population. That means, once again, body is reality. You control people’s bodies – that’s speaking, expressing themselves. That’s control,” Cronenberg explained.

The movie stars Viggo Mortensen playing Saul Tenser, a man who is “in eternal discomfort because his body is rebelling against him,” according to a review by The A.V. Club. His partner Caprice (Léa Seydoux) removes unnatural organs from Saul during live performance art ceremonies. The review explains that the setting and time of the film are very unclear, and the entire effect of the movie is unsettling.

The couple appears to live in an underground bunker, with Saul sleeping in what looks like a giant upside-down beetle. “Nothing about it makes a lick of sense, but there’s a surreal flow to it all that, in the moment, carries you from scene to scene,” the review continues.

The Deadline review was favorable, saying, “…What could have been a grossly and even off-puttingly gruesome display of torturous experiments and corporal corruption has been treated with an unexpectedly light and even playful hand.”

The Guardian noted that “Crimes of the Future” is seen as a front-runner at Cannes for winning the coveted Palme d’Or award, the top prize for the entire film festival. 

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