The Truth About Gender ‘Transitioning’

Candace Owens
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The transgender debate continues to rage across the country. It’s parents versus school boards, versus states, versus the legacy media. The debate is not slowing down—it’s just heating up. 

Often, it’s hard to sift through the lies, manipulation, and monopolization of the discussion; both sides scream so loud it’s hard to understand what exactly we are talking about. 

 Take the notion of “gender-affirming care,” for example. It’s a term used by trans-activists and media talking heads when discussing, as journalist Abigail Shrier put it, “puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and experimental surgeries whose benefits are unproven.” In other words, it’s a euphemism only meant to soften the blow of what transitioning and radical gender ideology looks like. 

It makes transitioning sound like a cakewalk which, in turn, makes the issue sound like it’s impossible to argue against.

A Mother Meets Reality

The latest story to break through these euphemisms and carefully crafted narratives comes from a mother on the online social media platform Reddit. The post went viral for, as you’ll see, the “controversial” and taboo question asked by a helpless and ignorant mother.

The mother’s son, who received puberty blockers from an early age and underwent gender reassignment surgery, is now 20 years old, identifies as a girl, and is unhappy. And not just unhappy — he is suicidal, and the mother doesn’t know what to do. At the age of twenty, her son has a micropenis that is unable to be aroused and a “vagina” made from part of his colon. He can’t hold relationships, often because of his lack of “urges,” and the doctors say this may never change. 

“I have always been in support of my transgender daughter,” the mother wrote. “When she was still a boy, and started expressing a want to be a girl, I did everything right. Therapists, then puberty blockers, everything.” 

What’s the mother’s question, ultimately? Well, she doesn’t know what else to do. She’s so desperate, she turned to strangers on Reddit at the suggestion of her friend.

“I don’t know what to do… please help me help my child!” she concluded.

Since her “friend,” either willfully ignorant or in league with the transgender cult, cannot provide the truth to this mother and instead pushed her to turn to strangers online for help, I’m going to be a true friend and reply honestly. And I hope other mothers who have fallen for this cult—and the lies surrounding it—hear me and hear this woman’s story. 

A Healthy Boy’s Imagination

It’s true — the mother’s son, being a perfectly healthy young boy, probably had certain imaginations and magical fantasies. 

Some of these imaginations, as we all know, are harmless. They include the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus; imaginations that we, as adults, play along with and enjoy participating in.

Some, though, can be harmful—and that’s where we, the parents, step in to teach our children about reality.

If a child believes he’s Superman, that’s quite alright and fun for him. It’s a harmless imagination. It becomes dangerous when he starts to believe that he can truly fly. Children looking to don a cape and leap from a bedroom window can seriously harm themselves. Or worse, kill themselves. Because humans cannot fly. 

It’s true that if a child did have such a belief, he may not understand why his parents would pull him away from the window. He might scream and kick and cry because he truly believes he can overcome the force of gravity. 

But the parents know the truth. And they know it’s their responsibility to keep their child healthy and alive—to show him the difference between right and wrong, reality and illusion. It’s why there are parental clichés like, “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

“I Want to be a Girl, Mommy”

Now, imagine a boy, like the one above, came to his mother and said, “I want to be a girl, mommy.”  And rather than explaining to him why that is ultimately a biological impossibility—no more possible than flying like a bird—the mother, in her ignorance, went along with the fantasy.

She allowed her child to jump from the figurative bedroom window, and now, her child has grown into adulthood and is crashing into reality all at once. He’s already harmed himself and he’s thinking about taking it a step further—suicide is on his mind.

Because, as the doctors have told the mother and her son, there is no way to undo what’s been done. Reality has caught up with fiction. Truth has caught up with lies. His depression stems from the fact that he will never be a woman. Sure—they can use parts of his colon to give him something that resembles a vagina, but he will never be a woman—and he knows that. 

A Victim of Irreversible Damage

His suicidal thoughts also stem from the realization that he’ll never have the opportunity to be a man now because his mother allowed his sexual parts to be mutilated. He’ll never truly know real physical desire—because an irrevocable decision was made for him in his childhood.

Yes—alongside a host of predatory doctors and therapists who should all be imprisoned, this mother agreed to the physical mutilation of her son.

The heart aches for the son because he is a true victim; a child victim; a young man whose life was stolen from him.

The Truth About “Transitioning” 

To the mom who reached out on Reddit for help — the truth is, you mutilated your once-healthy son over a feeling and a fantasy that he had. Ultimately — and this is hard to accept — you bear responsibility for that mutilation because you prioritized acquiescing to an insane cultural narrative rather than first-grade-level, immutable, biological facts.

“Transitioning,” despite its cultural popularity, is not a solution for gender dysphoria.

That’s why suicide and depression rates often don’t improve for individuals after they complete the transition process. Their interaction with reality eventually becomes paralyzing.

Hope for the Mother

The hope for this mother is that there are groups that help individuals in her son’s predicament. “Sex Change Regret” is a nonprofit run by a group of former trans individuals who help those who regret and further suffer from their gender reassignment procedures.

It’s not hopeless. The mother needs to hear that. The son especially needs to hear that. Although there is no way back, there is, fortunately, a way forward.

And that way forward begins by no longer suppressing the truth. 

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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