The Sickening Glamorization Of ‘Assisted Suicide’ Is Here


I really hate to put another penny in the ‘Candace was right jar,’ but today’s topic reminds me of when I first got into politics and I kept hitting the trans-agenda hard.

Many people said, “What are you doing? Why are you making this a thing? It’s not a hot topic in politics.”

And I said, “Just you watch.” Now, here we are.

Well, in recent years I’ve been banging the drum to warn you guys to pay attention to assisted suicide.

I had fans write mean comments to me saying, “Euthanasia is not that bad. It’s just for people who are really sick.”

And I proved you guys wrong on that — while at the same time warning that some in government, plus Hollywood celebrities, will glamorize assisted suicide and make it palatable.

Their message would be “People, it’s the right thing to do, kill yourself. Just kill yourself because you’re becoming a burden on society.”

At the same time, government leaders and leftists will make people mentally ill. How? By things such as confusing kids about their gender and telling them to take certain kinds of dangerous drugs and mutilate their bodies. Then, because of that, you’ll have a bunch of depressed adults who will go to the government to kill themselves.

That’s what’s going to happen.

Don’t believe me?

It’s already happening in Canada.

A Canadian fashion retailer, Simons, is full-on sanitizing and promoting assisted suicide to sell clothes.

The Quebec-based retailer made a deliberate move toward ‘inspiration’ last month as part of a new video they’re calling “All is Beauty.” In a recently released video, the clip is narrated by a woman named Jennifer Hatch — who, on October 23rd, killed herself. She was suffering from an illness and she chose ‘medical assistance in dying,’ which is known as MAID in Canada. Canada’s government funds this.

You just have to watch to see for yourself how Simons portrayed assisted suicide:

So there you have it.

“When I imagine my last days, I see bubbles,” she says. 

What a statement. 

Peter Simons, by the way, is the chief merchant for the fashion chain. He says the documentary project started after he met Hatch through the MAID program and traveled to Vancouver to talk about working on a unique film.

So what this signals to me is that the government is now going out to Hollywood directors and producers and they’re saying, “Wouldn’t it be so amazing to make a documentary and make this palatable to human beings and society? How do we just convince people to kill themselves? Right?”

And so, I predict that you’re going to start seeing this effort. It starts with things like this documentary.

It is completely dark. It is completely twisted.

And I hope those of you who’ve been in the comments telling me that I’m not quite understanding what assisted suicide is — I hope you start to wake up very quickly. Because, as I said, it is coming down the pipeline just like the transgender movement.

At first, it seems like something kind of abstract.

Give it about five years and it’s in the classrooms, kindergarten, first grade. If we don’t fight this, we’re going to be telling kids about how some people just like to end their lives and that’s totally okay because, at the end of it, they will see bubbles and sprinkles and rainbows.

So you can mutilate your body and then kill yourself at the end of it. That is what’s going to be happening.

So please, please, take me seriously. I don’t like being right about stuff like this, but it is just so obviously the move for the government.

It makes perfect sense, because our governments are being run by complete and utter psychopaths.

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