The ‘Expert’ Class Is Crumbling Before Our Very Eyes

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 8: Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), arrives for a closed-door interview with the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic at the U.S. Capitol January 8, 2024 in Washington, DC. Fauci is expected to face questioning about the origins of COVID-19, vaccine mandates and how to prevent future pandemics. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Secretary of Defense is out of commission, and no one’s even pretending anymore that the commander-in-chief has any idea what’s going on in the world.

So, unless you’re heavily invested in weapons manufacturing, or sit on the board of Raytheon, you probably have a lot of urgent questions about last night’s U.S. military strikes in Yemen. You might wonder, for example, who exactly the Houthis are, and why they made the decision to shut down a critical international trade route by terrorizing ships in the Red Sea. It’s the kind of provocation that obviously justifies a response. It’s almost like they’re asking for U.S. military involvement in the region. You might also have questions about whether this is somehow a “wag the dog” scenario, given the Biden administration’s disastrous poll numbers.

Regardless of your position on yesterday’s missile strikes, these are fair concerns. You’re not a conspiracy theorist for asking about them. After years of relentless lies from cable news “experts”, the skepticism isn’t really noteworthy at all. In fact, at this point, even the experts themselves have basically conceded that they can’t be trusted. That’s become particularly clear in just the past few days. From the airline industry to medicine, we are witnessing the collapse of the expert class in this country. They have lost their legitimacy, and they know it.

You may have heard about Tony Fauci’s admission in a closed-door House committee hearing the other day. Fauci began by denying that he ever played a role in shutting down any schools in this country. That’s a lie, of course. Fauci’s agency provided official guidance calling on schools to shut down, which exposed those schools to civil liability if they refused. Then Fauci was asked about his infamous guidance that everyone needed to “socially distance,” or stand six feet apart. As you probably remember, this six-foot rule became gospel in this country, virtually overnight. Every business and school and government building and airport put up little placards and stickers on the floor, instructing everyone to obey. At the time, we were told that “the science” mandated this rule. But the other day, Tony Fauci admitted what he always knew all along, which is that there was, in fact, no scientific data justifying this whatsoever. He says, essentially, that they just made it up on the spot. Here’s a New York Post reporter describing Fauci’s closed-door testimony:

The guidance “just appeared,” miraculously, like manna from heaven. Nobody knows where it came from or why, but there it was. Six feet apart they said, for no reason. Why not seven? Why not 10? Why not 100? Why not three? No reason. Literally no reason. Six feet is just what was decided, by whoever decided it.

This isn’t the first time that Tony Fauci has admitted to lying to the public about COVID. At one point, you may remember, he told the New York Times that he had deliberately misled Americans about the concept of “herd immunity,” by continually moving the goalposts. 

Remember herd immunity? That was the idea that, once a certain number of people became immune to COVID — whether through infection or vaccination — then the virus becomes less of a threat, and we can resume our normal lives. Somehow, Fauci’s threshold for herd immunity kept changing throughout the pandemic. He kept saying that a bigger percentage of Americans needed to get the virus before herd immunity would apply. And then, when the Times asked him why he kept changing the percentage, he admitted it was just social engineering.

This week, though, Fauci dropped the pretense of “science” entirely. He just admitted he was making stuff up. He was misleading us about pretty much every aspect of COVID — from social distancing to masks to the COVID shot to herd immunity. And now that he’s out of power, he can finally admit it because he knows he won’t suffer any consequences.

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This is one of those stories that’s getting buried, for obvious reasons. For one thing, no one wants to hear about Fauci anymore. For a lot of different reasons, liberals and conservatives alike would prefer not to revisit that time in our recent history when Fauci was the most visible and powerful person in the country. Also, admittedly, there’s a lot going on in the world. Fine. But if you take ten steps back, you’ll see that the new expert class — the people who demand to be taken as seriously as Fauci — are struggling to replace him. They simply have no credibility. 

Recall again the story that broke the other day in Axios. Here’s what they wrote: “BREAKING: The climate of 2023 was the hottest seen in at least 125,000 years; for the first time in instrument records, daily global average temperatures went well above a Paris guardrail of 2°C.” 

Along with that scary headline, Axios includes a chart that only goes back until the 1970s, strangely enough. But all the same, they’re insistent that 2023 was the hottest climate the world has seen in at least 125,000 years. Now, I could reference a bunch of experts who contradict this theory. I could tell you all about Steve Milloy, a senior fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, who debunked this garbage science in the Wall Street Journal recently. Milloy pointed out that — if you can believe it — we didn’t have satellites or temperature stations to measure temperature 125,000 years ago. He also writes that even today, most of the world isn’t covered by temperature stations, and the temperature stations we do have are still quite inaccurate. In fact, he wrote, “it’s been estimated that 96% of U.S. temperature stations produce corrupted data.” So we can’t trust temperature data today — much less data from before human civilization was formed. But I really don’t have to cite any of this, because it’s all obvious to anyone with any common sense whatsoever. That’s why the comments on that Axios article are uniformly negative because people aren’t buying the lies anymore. 

This is a trend that’s been causing a lot of panic among experts and institutions that aren’t used to being challenged — including pretty much every corporate backer of the anti-white scam known as “diversity, equity and inclusion.” These are institutions that insist that DEI is a core part of their mission. They say their companies and universities simply cannot survive without it. But the moment you expose them, they run away in horror. All you have to do is shine a light on what they’re doing, and they give it up.

That’s what just happened to Spirit AeroSystems. That’s the manufacturer of the door that blew out on that Alaska Airlines flight recently, while the plane was taking off. Yesterday, I came across a TikTok video that was uploaded by a Spirit AeroSystems employee (or intern, possibly) about a year ago. This is footage from a conference for women in engineering. The video caught my eye, because the hashtags were “Women in Engineering” and “Spirit’s Dream Team.” So naturally I clicked on the video. I wanted to see what an engineering “dream team” looks like at a company that very clearly is incompetent at engineering. Here’s what I found:

Well, hey, what they lack in engineering talent and skill, they make up for in sass. Now you can shout “girl power” while you’re being sucked out of the giant hole in the side of the plane at 30 thousand feet. This the “dream team” at the company that made the door that fell off a passenger plane flying over Portland the other day. And within about an hour of me posting that video on Twitter, the Spirit AeroSystems employee (or intern) took it down. They know this is absurd. They know it’s completely incompatible with their mission. All you have to do is expose it, and they fold.

The same thing just happened at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Hopkins’ “DEI office” — which exists, for some reason — sent out an email to employees alerting them to potential patients who have unearned “privilege”. The list includes “Males, Christians, White People, English-speaking people, Middle or owning class people, Cisgender People, Heterosexuals, and Able-Bodied people,” among others. I’ll say that again. Johns Hopkins Medicine believes that “males, Christians, White people, English-speaking people, Middle or owning class people, cisgender people, heterosexuals, and able-bodied people” are inherently “privileged.” And of course the word “privilege” is a very thinly veiled code. What Hopkins is really saying, of course, is that they don’t like Christians, or whites, or heterosexuals. They’re not looking at any real markers of privilege. They’re just indulging their bigotry. That’s the unmistakable message there.

Keep in mind, this is a hospital and a medical school we’re talking about. They have the ability to administer treatments that can save people or kill them. Their only job is treating people. They should not be making lists about groups of people who are inherently inferior to other groups of people. This kind of thing is threatening, actually. And they know that. That’s why, as soon as this was published online by the X account “End Wokeness,” Hopkins took their little hit list down. Their DEI office issued a completely insincere apology and scampered away.


Again, this is a pattern. Also yesterday — the same day that Hopkins took down its DEI list, and Spirit took down its TikTok video — Southwest Airlines deleted a post on X about its “all-female flight crew.” The post read: “All female flight crew? Go off, queens!” But as it turns out, people don’t care about the gender diversity of their flight crew. They care about competence. They care about not dying. And in no uncertain terms, thousands of people let Southwest know that. So, once again, they erased the post and pretended it never happened.

It’s easy to take this kind of thing for granted. But just a few years ago, it would have been unheard of. Fauci never would have admitted fault. Neither would Johns Hopkins, as they told us to stay socially distant and wear masks. Neither would the airlines, as they bombarded us with propaganda about the importance of DEI hiring. But now these frauds are being held to account. When they try to lie, like Axios did with their climate alarmists, no one buys it anymore. When they try to push their ham-fisted social engineering, people call them out on it.

What this means is that the rule of the experts is over.

They can’t tell us to swallow DEI anymore than they can tell us to wear a mask or stand six feet apart. For everyone who cares about competence and public safety, this is the best possible outcome. For bloated DEI bureaucracies, this development marks — at long last — the beginning of the end.

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