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The Big Apple Invites Florida Voters To ‘Say Gay’ In New York City Instead
5TH AVENUE MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2019/06/30: Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams marches at New York 2019 Pride March on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
(Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Are you an LGBTQIA Florida voter who now fears that you are not allowed to even say the word “gay” in the Sunshine State because of the recently signed Parental Rights in Education law? Do you want to be able to teach little children about radical gender theory and sexual orientation without parental knowledge? New York City Mayor Eric Adams has great news for you — you are more than welcome to pack up your bags and head on over.

The Democratic mayor announced Monday morning that the city is sponsoring five billboards across Florida featuring various pro-LGBTQIA messages in an attempt to encourage Florida residents to move to New York.

“This political showmanship by attempting to demonize a particular group or community is not accepted,” Adams said on Monday morning in reference to the misleadingly called “Don’t Say Gay Law” signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

The Associated Press recently reported that what the law actually states is: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” It also grants parents the option to sue if they suspect that school employees have violated the law.

Despite that, the NYC Mayor’s office tweeted Monday morning that the law is “hateful” and that Florida residents were invited to New York.

“This is the city of Stone Wall,” Adams said on Monday during his marketing pitch. “This is the city where we are proud to talk about how you can live in a comfortable setting and not be harassed not be abused, not just as adults but as young people.”

Conservatives had a mix of reactions to the news, varying from applauding the decision and begging liberals to flee the state to pointing out that — basically — every aspect of living in New York is worse than Florida.

“LOL. Your city is a dump with some of the highest tax rates in the country & all your good restaurants and attractions are closing because they were screwed with COVID restrictions…” conservative comedian Tim Young tweeted. “You’re a failure and people aren’t dumb enough to leave 0 personal income tax for your trash.”

Fox News’ Stephen Miller shared a screenshot of a story reporting that 300,000 Americans left the state of New York over the last year:

“I have a message for @NYCMayor. Stop worrying about Florida and stop the rampant crime in our city,” political consultant Ryan Girdusky tweeted.

Oh look.. more lies from @NYCMayor! You can say gay in Florida just as you can in NYC. The difference is NYC masks toddlers and Florida doesn’t,” popular Twitter user and writer Meghan Maureen said. 

As of Monday, New York City is still masking toddlers to supposedly prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to the mayor’s website, the “outdoor campaign and activation will be aimed and run in the following markets of Florida from April 4 through May 29, for a total of eight weeks — delivering an estimated 5 million impressions:”

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Jacksonville

  • Orlando

  • Tampa

  • West Palm Beach

In West Palm Beach, the cost of a digital billboard ranges from $1,700 to $4,500 depending on its size.

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