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Thanks, Obama! Increased Number of Adults Going Without Health Care Due to Costs

Quick and easy question on this glorious Friday in Donald Trump’s America: What is health insurance if you don’t or can’t use it? Well, basically, health insurance you cannot use is a very expensive monthly payment that is of no benefit to you whatsoever — a punitive tax. Imagine you bought a nice new car, the monthly payment is $500, and it doesn’t work, you can’t drive it — that’s health insurance you can’t use, and a new study proves that on the whole, ObamaCare is helping absolutely no one.

Whenever I hear the Democrats and the MSM (but I repeat myself) squeal about how awesome it is that millions of Americans now have health insurance under ObamaCare, my first thought is, “So what?” That metric is meaningless. It’s like counting the number of band-aids sold and assuming no one is bleeding. Health insurance doesn’t keep you in good health, health care does. If Democrats and their media truly cared about the well-being of people as opposed to controlling them, they would see that ObamaCare is an utter failure when you look at the only metric that matters…

Those who need health care receiving health care.

A comprehensive study released earlier this week shows that despite millions more insured under ObamaCare, a full one-third of Americans (33%) “went without recommended care, did not see a doctor when sick, or failed to fill prescriptions because of costs[.]”

Guess what that number was in 2009 before ObamaCare was implemented?

No, really, guess.

It was LOWER.

It was 29%.

Thanks, Obama!

ObamaCare is nothing but a redistribution tax. It has absolutely nothing to do with making people healthier, or getting health care to those who need it most. I am sure that some people are in better shape under ObamaCare, but as an entire society things are getting worse, not better.

When ObamaCare was first implemented, I was uninsured and after the cratering website finally worked well enough for me to check out my options, I took one look at the deductibles and knew this entire program was doomed. You cannot charge people hundreds of dollars a month for a plan with $4000 – $6000 deductibles.

That is not comprehensive health insurance, that is an obnoxiously overpriced catastrophic plan — which is good to have in the event of an unlikely health catastrophe, but utterly useless until you have paid that $4000 to $6000 out of your own pocket.

At the end of a year, most people have paid thousands of dollars for health insurance they did not use. And they also paid, out of their own pocket, the cost of whatever health care they needed. It’s the biggest rip-off ever.

Run out and buy this brand new 2016 Toyota 4Runner SR5 SUV.

Park it in your driveway.

Don’t use it.


That’s ObamaCare.

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