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Ten Figures Leftists Will Write Out of American History Next

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The left, which is constantly grandstanding and patting themselves on the back for their “tolerance,” is exhibiting an increasing display of intolerance. They run the gamut of demanding “free speech zones” to attempting to write historical figures out of history completely because they are “symbols of anti-blackness,” among other grievances. Their deliberate disdain ignores any sort of context of the historical time period or the greater picture at hand in conjunction with the “hurt feelings” climate (presumably not stopped by “trigger warnings”) within colleges and universities across America.

Here are ten historical figures whom the left has targeted for removal:

  1. Thomas Jefferson

One of America’s founding fathers, the author of the Declaration of Independence and our 2nd president, will shortly be written out of history if the left gets what it wants.


Apparently, Jefferson was a “rapist” and a “racist.” At both the University of Missouri and William and Mary College, statues of the leader have been riddled with notes with those exact accusations.

  1. Jefferson Davis

Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, and that is that. Like Jefferson, Davis has already been under attack: “Hundreds of University of Texas students have signed a petition calling for the university to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis.”

  1. George Washington

As our first president, a founding father and a general of the Continental Army, which led us to independence from Britain, you would think Washington would be safe. He’s not.

Washington was a slave owner. It doesn’t matter that he eventually freed his slaves in unprecedented fashion; he still was a “racist.” The attack has already begun: “Washington University of Texas students petition to remove statue of George Washington ‘racist Statue, Treason.’”

  1. General Robert E. Lee

Lee was the general of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Forget the fact that he was offered the generalship of the Union Army, and only took the job with the Confederacy out of his love for Virginia.

  1. James Madison

Madison was a founding father, the 4th president of the United States who “composed the first drafts of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights and earned the nickname ‘Father of the Constitution.’” But he owned slaves so his legacy should be erased.

  1. Woodrow Wilson

The 28th president of the United States is already well on his way out the door.

“Black students at Princeton staged a walkout demanding that the Ivy league university acknowledge the racist legacy of President Woodrow Wilson, for whom a residential college and the School of Public and International Affairsis named, and to remove his name from campus.”

  1. Andrew Jackson

Jackson, America’s 7th president (who served in both the Revolutionary war and the War of 1812 and was at one point a prisoner of war) has a huge target on his back. Leftists have already demanded that he be removed from the $20 bill because he had “engineered a genocide.” Of course, Jackson was well-known for his friendship with black Americans, but who cares?No one here is defending the Trail of Tears—but again, do we just ease parts of history we don’t like?

  1. Theodore Roosevelt

The extremely progressive 26th president of the United States greatly increased the power of the executive branch, was a devout environmentalist and even a recipient of a Nobel Peace prize, but he is still not safe from leftists. According to the leftist site AlterNet, Roosevelt was racist; therefore he must be erased from all memory as to not “microaggress” the children.

They run the gamut of demanding “free speech zones” to attempting to write historical figures out of history completely because they are “symbols of anti-blackness,” among other grievances.

  1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The 32nd president of the United States and the enactor of the dreadful leftist New Deal, FDR is still a target because of his order to intern Japanese Americans during World War II.

  1. Richard Nixon

Nixon, the 37th president was a Republican, a part of the Watergate scandal and apparently not a fan of gay people–of course he’s on the chopping block.

As the censorship of speech has already moved swiftly through academia, the censorship of history is on its heels and already taking place. Until the left has completely rewritten history into the way they see fit—they will not stop.

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