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‘Teen Vogue’ Writer To Evangelicals: ‘I Am Fully Prepared To Bite Some D***s Off’

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

In an openly bigoted and super edgy attack on Christians, Teen Vogue writer and abortion enthusiast Lauren Duca warned Evangelicals that she will “bite some d***s off” if their supposed misogyny heightens to the level of The Handmaid’s Talethe one and only book on the third-wave feminists’ lifetime reading list, apparently.

“I just want the Evangelicals to know, if you guys figure out how to do ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ [in real life], I am fully prepared to bite some d***s off,” wrote Duca.

Oh, and because Duca is so attractive, she felt the need to clarify that her threat of penis removal by mouth will “not be hot.”


The stupid here reaches epic levels.

Duca, a self-described progressive, routinely shows open disdain for religious folks (aside from Islamists because she’s a “politically correct” coward), repeatedly mocking Christians for their faith, while displaying her own monumental ignorance on the topic. And this tweet, where she paints all American Evangelicals as insanely misogynist rubes who want nothing more than to see women as subordinate slaves with no rights, is glaringly bigoted nonsense. Where is this backed up? If a Christian is against the murder of unborn babies — at least half of whom are female — then they hate women? Such deliberate ignorance.

The feminist posted the look-at-me tweet after seemingly becoming triggered by the so-called “Nashville Statement,” which reaffirmed the Biblical notions of gender, sexuality and marriage. How this translates to Christians implementing The Handmaid’s Tale “IRL” is beyond reason, which Duca is surely well aware of.

But when the only time you get noticed is when you engage in a train wreck interview with a conservative news host, how else is a girl supposed to get attention? Duca was backed into a corner; she had to attack Christians, like every other leftist on the planet, and reference biting “d***s off.”

Poor thing.

One last rhetorical question: Do you think Duca would say this about Islamists hypothetically implementing Sharia law?

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