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‘Teen Vogue’ Op-Ed: Abortion Is Actually Hilarious

By  Amanda

Trash magazine “Teen Vogue” published an op-ed in late July that claimed abortion is actually hilarious. This is apparently the new far-leftist tact in normalizing the fatal horror that is abortion — a message being directed to a large audience of pre-teens and teens, mind you.

“Yes, Abortion Can Be Funny,” reads the headline via Twitter. A real hoot!

The piece, posted by pro-abortion Lady Parts Justice League’s Solange Azor, explains how to elevate and normalize abortion and combat pro-life arguments through humor, and, more specifically, the group’s “comedy” tour, called “Vagical Mystery.” (Note: Comedy is in scare quotes for a reason.)

Lady Parts Justice League (LPJL) “shows just how brilliant of a pairing comedy and grassroots abortion activism can be,” claims Azor.

The “Vagical Mystery” tour apparently uses “laughter to bring people in, and then take that opportunity to remind them that every person has the capacity to be an advocate” for abortion on demand.

“Lady Parts Justice League offers a new sort of abortion politics: one which incorporates the frequently obfuscated space of joy, pleasure, and relief in discussions about abortion. One that pushes its members to be intentional about their activism and ideology, to find ways they can use their individual skills to support local abortion clinics and allies, and have fun while doing it,” says Azor.

What this actually entails, for example, is pro-aborts ambushing pro-life protests and “shouting” at their participants. “They directly engage with the protesters: asking them questions to expose logical fallacies, gleefully shouting back at their violent language, invoking their improvisation skills and natural wit to make jokes out of the situation,” Azor explains.

The group also misdirects from women’s post-abortive horror stories and regrets. LPJL goes as far as to disapprove of the common pro-choice talking point, “I support choice but would not have an abortion myself.”

“To be pro-abortion is to face your own potential internalized stigma and recognize that abortion should not be exclusively about access, but about normalizing a medical procedure and life process,” writes the feminist.

Azor concedes that abortion might not be a joyful experience for every woman (not to mention the unborn child being killed), but claims such a reality must be drown out.

“This is not to say that abortion is not a difficult option for some people. Those who are struggling with their abortion experience benefit from resources that can help them navigate those complicated emotions,” she writes. “However, the danger of only amplifying this specific narrative is that it becomes the dominant one, allowing for anti-choice ideologies to exploit that emotion and present abortion as predominantly emotionally disruptive for people.”

“Although a ‘good’ or ‘accepted’ choice can be in relation to economic welfare or personal safety, this narrative does not allow for a good choice on the basis of self-interest. Within the meritocratic approach to reproductive health in United States, ‘goodness’ and ‘respectability’ for women are measured by their ability to sacrifice for vulnerable populations (their families, kids), and not for their ability to make the best decision for themselves,” adds Azor.


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