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Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu Flaunts His Ignorance On Twitter: Claims Framers Wrote The 25th Amendment

I’m reasonably confident that if the framers of the U.S. Constitution were alive today, they would be incredibly disappointed by the legislators and professional politicians roaming Capitol Hill. Democrat Ted Lieu, the U.S. House representative from California’s 33rd congressional district, would likely disagree with this notion, or at least deflect blame for our modern political quagmire onto Republicans. But then again, what does Ted Lieu know?

When it comes to the Constitution, its amendments, and the timeline of amendment ratifications, Lieu is apparently less informed than the citizenry might hope for from an elected official sworn to protect our founding documents. On Thursday, Lieu, who has made a name for himself tweeting nasty things about President Trump, put his ignorance on display in a response to a tweet from Ari Melber.

Here’s Melber’s initial tweet:

Lieu’s response is classic:

So, there’s one major problem with Lieu’s tweet.

The 25th Amendment was proposed on July 6, 1965 and was ratified 584 days later on February 10, 1967. That, of course, is 131 years after James Madison, who was the last founding father to die, passed away in 1836. The framers of the greatest political document of all time had no hand in writing or designing the 25th amendment.

I’d hazard a guess that the Founding Fathers of our great country would be disappointed with a politician, who, after holding elected office for 12 years, wasn’t intimately familiar with our founding documents. Just sayin’.