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Ted Cruz Brilliantly Trolls Obama on Photo ID

By  Frank Camp

Tuesday, comedian Ellen DeGeneres was supposed to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but when she arrived at the White House, they wouldn’t let her in. The reason? She forgot her photo identification:

Showing he isn’t out of the game, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted a blistering response:

As Shakespeare wrote, brevity is the soul of wit. In just eight words, Cruz shredded Leftist hypocrisy regarding voter ID.

Despite needing a photo ID to board a plane, rent a car, buy a house, open a checking account, buy alcohol or cigarettes, apply for welfare or food stamps, buy an “M” rated video game, apply for a job or unemployment, buy cold medicine, and enter many federal buildings, the Democratic Party routinely denounces conservatives who push for voter ID laws because they’re “racist.”

A simple tweet can convey so much.

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