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Ted Cruz Argues In Favor Of Filling SCOTUS Vacancy, Warns Of Potential Election Dispute
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 24: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) asks a question during an oversight hearing to examine the Federal Communications Commission on Capitol Hill on June 24, 2020 in Washington, DC. The hearing was held by the Senate Committee for Commerce, Science, and Transportation.
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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) advocated Friday in favor of filling the Supreme Court vacancy left by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election, saying that filling seats on the court to protect rights was a primary reason many voters support the president.

“I believe that the president should, next week, nominate a successor to the court, and I think it is critical that the Senate takes up and confirms that successor before Election Day. There’s gonna be enormous pressure from the media, there’s gonna be enormous pressure from Democrats to delay filling this vacancy, but this election—this nomination—is why Donald Trump was elected. This confirmation is why the voters voted for a Republican majority in the Senate,” Cruz told Sean Hannity on Fox News.

The Texas senator, who was recently put on President Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees (though he has since said he isn’t interested), also argued that the nation’s highest court needs to be at full capacity to settle any election disputes that arise, saying that the nature of the comments from Democratic leaders has made it so.

“…Democrats and Joe Biden have made clear they intend to challenge this election, they intend to fight the legitimacy of the election. As you know, Hillary Clinton has told Joe Biden: Under no circumstance should you concede, you should challenge this election. And we cannot have Election Day come and go with a 4-4 Court. A 4-4 Court that is equally divided cannot decide anything,” said Cruz, adding: “And I think we risk a constitutional crisis if we do not have a 9-Justice Supreme Court, particularly when there is such a risk of a contested litigation, and a contested election.”

As The Daily Wire previously reported, 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton told Jennifer Palmieri, her former campaign communications director, during an interview that Biden shouldn’t concede “under any circumstances” because she believes the election will drag on. She also mentioned that Democrats will need a “massive legal operation.”

During the interview, Clinton indicated that she doesn’t believe Trump is capable of winning the election without “suppressing or stopping voting, or outright intimidating people into feeling that they have to go with the strong guy to stand up against all these threats that Trump is going to gin up to scare people,” according to NBC News.

Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that the Biden campaign was establishing a major legal operation with hundreds of lawyers, a move that senior Biden officials told the Times was necessary to protect the integrity of the election.

Inside the campaign, they are creating a “special litigation” unit, which will be led by Donald B. Verrilli Jr. and Walter Dellinger, two former solicitors general, who are joining the campaign. Hundreds of lawyers will be involved, including a team at the Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, led by Marc Elias, which will focus on the state-by-state fight over vote casting and counting rules. And Eric H. Holder Jr., the former attorney general in the Obama administration, will serve as something of a liaison between the campaign and the many independent groups involved in the legal fight over the election, which is already raging in the courts.

“We can and will hold a free and fair election this fall and be able to trust the results,” Dana Remus, former general counsel to the Biden campaign and the person overseeing the operation, told the Times.

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