Team Behind $5M Bid To Block Kentucky Pro-Life Law Includes Staffer Who Posted Satanic Temple Message, Another Marched With Radical Socialists

“The Satanic Temple is the leading beacon of light in the battle for abortion access.”
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Kentucky voters will vote next week on whether to amend the state constitution to clarify that nothing in the constitution guarantees abortion access. The measure is being pushed by conservatives to ensure that judges cannot rule that there is an implied constitutional right to abortion that prevents lawmakers from passing pro-life laws.

While Kentucky is a deep-red state, a pro-life amendment failed in red Kansas this year following an opposition campaign led by a former Planned Parenthood lobbyist named Rachel Sweet. That means the Kentucky measure could fail too — not only because amending the state’s constitution is designed to be difficult, but because Sweet is also running a $5 million opposition effort in the state.

A Daily Wire review of the social media accounts of three field staffers who are listed as working for Sweet in Protect Kentucky Access’s (PKA) campaign finance filings, however, raises questions about whether they represent mainstream Kentuckians.

One of the staffers, Allison Sack, shared a story on Instagram that included a post from The Satanic Temple. “The Satanic Temple is the leading beacon of light in the battle for abortion access,” the Temple’s caption said. She shared another meme in the same story lamenting “when it’s been 8 whole months and Joe Biden still hasn’t done a socialism like Fox promised.”

Skylar Davis, another of the staffers, called upon the “witches of Kentucky” to “Hex the KKK” in 2020.

“The KKK thinks it’s ok to pass out pamphlets around neighborhoods in Louisville. Brave enough to slide some papers around but too scared to show their face. So this is a call to action. Witches of Kentucky, Hex the KKK. They ain’t safe y’all,” she posted.

Some of the images on Davis’ Instagram page, which describes her as a photographer, are occult-themed, and her Facebook profile photo appears to be a woman holding a skull. The occult-themed images appear to be part of a photo shoot involving two women. The Instagram of one of the women in the photos describes her as a “traveling tangerine showgirl.”

Davis also “took to the streets” to protest for abortion with the Party for Socialism and Liberation Louisville, according to Facebook posts. Photos show attendees marching with signs that say, “Fight for Socialism!” and “keep your Christ out of my coochie,” and carrying a red Communist flag.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation calls for “a revolution that ends the rule of the capitalist class,” explaining that this “will open the way to communism and the end of class society.” After the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, it called to “abolish the Supreme Court” because it “serves to defend the exploitative and oppressive system of capitalism.”

Until September, PKA also listed another field staffer, Amira Bryant. According to local news station WDRB, she was one of 17 people arrested in June 2020 following “morning protests near Jefferson Square [that] have turned violent several times this week with people blocking roadways, threatening drivers and confronting police.” One man was charged with inciting a riot, and another with wanton endangerment of a police officer after he allegedly drove “at a high rate of speed directly at a line of at least 30 officers.”

On social media, Bryant shared an idea for defunding police that would redirect the police budget to “injection sites” and “peer ‘walking counselors,'” and posted a photo of someone carrying a sign that said “LMPD, suck my d—.” The radio show that she hosts advertised a “‘Cum’ spit Erotic Poetry Slam” and an event where “Dranks” were sold including “Amira’s booty” for $10 and “sweet titty sweat” for $1.

Protect Kentucky Access did not return a request for comment from The Daily Wire.

Since September 30, PKA has spent $2.3 million on media buys, $412,000 on direct mail, $384,000 on digital advertising, and $17,000 on salaries, according to campaign finance records.

Of its $5.3 million in funding, the group has received $1.2 million from Planned Parenthood affiliates, $1 million from the Advocacy Action Fund, $550,000 from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, $250,000 from Michael Bloomberg, and $64,000 from the ACLU of Kentucky.

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