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Teacher Reported After Supporting Trump’s Immigration Policy, Causing Students To Cry

Nevada mother Laura Llamas is calling for immediate disciplinary action to be taken against a teacher for expressing her support of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, allegedly making two middle school students in Clark County cry.

On Monday, Llamas filed a complaint after her son told her his teacher spoke of Trump and immigrants in the classroom.

“He was like, ‘My teacher mentioned that she supported Trump’s policies on deporting illegals because illegals are the ones that bring drugs into the communities,'” said Llamas.

Two students allegedly cried over the remarks.

“Everyone was just shocked because they didn’t expect their teacher to say something like that,” said Llamas.

“We have to stop this. This can’t happen in our district at all,” she added.

The mother says she wants immediate disciplinary action taken against the teacher.

The school district, located in Clark County, says they are investigating the accusations and will “take appropriate action to resolve the issue.”

However, political speech from teachers is apparently a commonality at the school, though the speech typically aligns with the political left.

“I’m a big Trump supporter, and my granddaughters could not speak their mind about that in the school in front of a certain teacher because there were repercussions,” said one grandparent of a student at the school, Nanette Cook.

“They just have to keep their opinions to themselves, the teachers,” Cook added.

In a statement the district addressed the teacher’s alleged comments, reminding “the community that schools are a place to learn and achieve, and not instill fear or discriminate against any group of people.”

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, there have been numerous instances where teachers have done a lot more than express a political belief in the classroom. In New York, for example, the Rochester City School Districted enacted an official, district-wide “Black Lives Matter at School” day. And yes, it’s as political as it sounds.

Even more recently, a teacher from Staten Island actually docked points off of an assignment after an 11-year-old student refused to bash President Trump on a homework worksheet. The girl’s father wrote a note to the teacher explaining why some of this daughter’s homework was left blank.

No one in the Rochester City School District had any disciplinary action taken against them for BLM day, and the teacher bringing in a six-figure salary who docked points from a student for not bashing Trump was “verbally reprimanded.”

Can we all just agree to leave the political indoctrination out of the public school classroom? I know, wishful thinking.