‘Take Off Your Kippah And Hide Your Magen David’: The Hypocrisy Of Blaming Trump, But Not Biden For Anti-Semitism

01 October 2020, Thuringia, Erfurt: A kippah with Stars of David is worn by a guest at the opening ceremony of the theme year "Nine Centuries of Jewish Life in Thuringia" in the Kaisersaal. During the theme year, around 150 events will be held throughout the state until the end of September 2021. These include exhibitions, readings, lectures and music.
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Responding to the spike in domestic anti-Semitic assaults by alleged pro-Palestinian activists following the terrorist attacks launched against Jews in Israel in recent weeks, a former official on the Biden 2020 presidential campaign argued that Jews should take off or hide items which publicly identify them as Jews — such as kippot or Stars of David — if they are fearful of being targeted.

Aaron Keyak, whose Twitter and LinkedIn bio explain that he “led Jewish engagement for the Biden-Harris campaign and transition,” wrote, “It pains me to say this, but if you fear for your physical safety take off your kippah and hide your magen david. Obviously, if you can, ask your rabbi first,” according to The Daily Wire.

Keyak added, “It’s important that those who wear kippot don’t feel more pressure to put our lives in unnecessary actual danger — especially when actions are attempting to be grounded in halacha. Given the rise in Jew hatred and antisemitic attacks, we must stand with all Jews.”

In October 2020, Keyak blamed Trump for a previous wave of anti-Semitic attacks, saying, “We see how Trump has been remarkably weak on anti-Semitism and has endangered Jews by making us all less safe.”

“As a Jew in the United States of America, under Trump, I constantly have to look over my shoulder to see how people are looking at my yarmulke,” Keyak continued. “When do I need to cover it up in fear of my own safety?”

What changed for Aaron Keyak, yet another partisan hack who is all too happy to wield religion when it’s politically advantageous? After all, the threats toward Jews have not changed. White supremacist anti-Semitism existed under both Trump and Biden, as did black anti-Semitism, Muslim anti-Semitism, and radical Leftist anti-Semitism, often coordinated under the banner of “pro-Palestinian” or “anti-Zionist” advocacy.

And while Trump’s rhetoric regarding various white supremacist groups prior to his election was indeed troubling, his performance as arguably the most pro-Israel president in history surely should add objective context to such criticism? Particularly so, when Biden and the Democratic Party continue to defend vocal anti-Semites in their midst, such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib while undermining Israel’s ability to defend itself.

It’s important to notice that while the “problem” of anti-Semitism is generally unchanged (except for the rapid spike in cases), the former statement is posed as an accusatory question of Trump, while the latter is posed as a concerned direction with no mention of Biden. In other words, Keyak is implying that anti-Semitism under Trump was caused and encouraged by Trump, while anti-Semitism under Biden is unrelated to any policy of any Democratic politician.

This is a dangerous lie and only serves to subtly dismiss the causes of anti-Semitism we are witnessing on the streets of cities across the country. When Trump was in power, Keyak couldn’t blame Trump more enthusiastically. Today, his silence on the culpability of Joe Biden and the Democrats proves that, when it comes to the safety of Jews, politics always comes first.

Ian Haworth is an Editor and Writer for The Daily Wire. Follow him on Twitter at @ighaworth.

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