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Syrian Refugees Kick Baby in Face, Attack Paramedics Trying to Treat Infant

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

On Sunday night, Syrian refugees residing in Germany kicked a one-year-old baby in the face during a barbaric brawl on a bus. When paramedics showed up to treat all those injured, including the innocent infant, the refugees attacked the paramedics with belts.

Nothing says gratitude for asylum quite like assaulting a one-year-old and then attacking those reported to care for the victim baby. Amirite?

The attack took place around 9 p.m. local time in Augsburg after an estimated 54,000 residents were called to evacuate due to the discovery of a World War II 1.8-ton aircraft bomb. The bomb was eventually defused.

According to Express, several Syrian refugees “erupted with anger because of a pram taking up space on the bus” during the evacuation. “Migrants hurled abuse at other passengers before a fight broke out, with four of the Syrian men using the handles on the bus to hoist themselves up and attack women and old people to try and drag them into the fighting,” an eyewitness relayed to the publication.

That’s when the one-year-old was indiscriminately kicked in the face.

And the disturbing news continues: When paramedics showed up to care for the baby and the others injured, they were attacked by the refugees with belts. Paramedics waited for police to show up before rendering medical assistance.

An investigation has been launched into the attacks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted over 1 million refugees into her country in 2015.

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