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Sweden’s Big Solution To Their Migrant Rape Crisis: A Booklet Explaining How Rape Is Wrong

As Islamic migrants continue to perpetuate Sweden’s ongoing rape crisis, the country where the infamous phrase “Stockholm Syndrome” originated from has developed an ingenious solution that is sure to curtail the problem: a guidebook explaining that rape is wrong.

That will do the trick!

Released on Monday by the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs (MYCA), the new guidebook, titled Youmo In Practice, will discuss the nature of sexual consent and provide adults methods on discussing such issues with recently-arrived immigrants.

Lena Nyberg, MYCA director, said of the book, “We have seen a great need for young people to get more knowledge and a great need among the adults to get help and support in how to talk about these issues.”

Nyberg acknowledged that migrants from the Middle East do not operate according to Western values and will be made aware of them.

“One of many parts is to argue with young girls and boys about what one can and can not do,” she said.

The guidebook comes as a result of Sweden’s growing rape epidemic, with public records showing that 85% of all gang rapes and sexual assault were committed by migrants. The staggering numbers have earned it the infamous title “Rape Capital of the West” from the Gatestone Institute (GI), an international nonprofit policy council.

“The country experienced a large influx of Muslims in the 1970s after the country chose to become multicultural,” ChurchMilitant noted. “The only country with more rapes per capita as of 2010 was Lesotho in Southern Africa.”

The Gatestone Institute’s statistics show that Sweden has experienced a 1,472% increase in rapes since 1975.

“The country has had a history of downplaying the number of rapes by committed by migrants,” CM continued. “Sweden has refused for more than a decade to keep official statistics of the origin of such criminals.”

Most harrowing of all, the rapes committed in Sweden go beyond just women; current statistics claim that nearly half of rapes were committed against children.

Now comes a new report from the independent news group that says 43% of the rapes are committed against children. From Defend Europa:

The data, which looks at Swedish rape figures for the first half of 2017, concludes that 3430 violent rapes were carried out during this period. 1470 (43%) of these rapes were carried out on children (ages 0-17) and 1960 (57%) of these rapes were carried out on adults (ages 18+).

In relation to the child rapes:

88% were carried out on girls.
12% were carried out on boys.
In relation to the adult rapes:

95% were carried on out women.
5% were carried out on men.

The Swedes need not worry, though, because the new guidebook will surely enlighten rapists who operate according to a cultural standard entirely antithetical to the West’s conception that rape is evil.