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Survey: 56% Of Google Employees OPPOSED Firing Of Google Memo Guy

According to a survey conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday by Blind, an anonymous corporate chat app, 56% of Google employees feel that the firing of Google engineer James Damore after the release of his diversity memo was wrong.

The survey asked 4,000 from different companies their opinions on the Damore matter; 441 Google employees responded.

Those companies where the majority surveyed thought Google acted improperly included, Uber, 64%; Yahoo, 60%; Airbnb, 58%; Microsoft, 57%; Facebook, 56%; and Amazon, 54%

Those where the disapproval of Google was in the minority included Apple, 49%, Linkedin, 47%; and Lyft, 35%.

Damore has filed a formal complaint against Alphabet, Inc., of which Google is a subsidiary.

In 2016, Dan Schneider, executive director of the American Conservative Union, said of Google after the company was accused of bias:

The question is, “Is Google biased?” And that’s not the answer Google provided — it’s that the system, the algorithm, is not biased. But we know that Google itself is in the tank for Obama, has been in the tank for Obama and is now in the tank for Hillary Clinton, and there’s good reason for that. From their perspective, they want to pursue as liberal policies as possible across the spectrum.

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