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Surprise! Trump Supporters Celebrate Birth of Shapiro’s Second Child With Anti-Semitism, Racism

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Conservative icon and Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro took to Twitter on Saturday to announce the birth of his baby boy. “With infinite gratitude to God, we’re overjoyed to welcome to the world our new baby boy, who arrived at 10:30 this morning!” wrote Shapiro.

Naturally, the Trump-supporting altright trolls came out in full force to celebrate the occasion by wishing Shapiro and his son to the gas chambers, along with other racist vile tweets.

“[I]nto the gas chamber with all 4 of you,” wrote one Twitter user, wishing the Holocaust on Shapiro’s entire family.

A tweet showcasing Shapiro and his family as lampshades.

More anti-Semitism followed, referring to Shapiro’s hours-old son as a “cockroach” and wishing that he “grow up to shill for Israel as much as you do!”

And more anti-Semitism…

And more

“Conservative” “writer” Milo Yiannopoulos threw out a classless racist tweet. (It is still unclear which intern posted the tweet, or if sexual favors were exchanged.)

Trump-supporters, being super-original, accused Shapiro of being a “cuck,” or, in other words, letting black men “plow his wife.”

The lovely, racist altrighters out from the shadows spewing bile, ladies and gentleman. Thanks, Trump!

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