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SURPRISE! College Diversity Bureaucrats Don’t Actually Improve Diversity

By  Ashe Schow

Colleges and universities love to claim they care about diversity and hire highly paid chief diversity officers (CDO) to increase the presence of minorities on college faculties. The CDO at the University of North Carolina, for example, earns more than the state’s governor.

The College Fix reports on new research from the National Bureau of Economic Research which found no “significant statistical evidence” that these highly paid CDOs accelerate “preexisting growth” in hiring “underrepresented” groups.

The research has not been peer reviewed but used Education Department and their own to make their conclusions.

“While the authors concede that ‘it simply may not be possible to rapidly increase faculty diversity given the pool of available faculty candidates,’ their findings are clear that hiring a pricey executive and banging out a press release doesn’t help,” wrote the Fix’s Greg Piper.

Piper also noted that other research has found that minority students do better when their instructors are also minorities, but having diversity officers doesn’t appear to help the hiring of these minority instructors.

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