Suicide Drones Attack ‘Highly Sensitive Military Site’ Deep Inside Iran: Report
An Israeli DJI Matrice 600 Pro military drone used for bringing down incendiary balloons and kites flown from Gaza flies during a media demonstration by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) at an army base near Rishon LeZion, Israel, on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019. Drones are a new and significant threat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday, adding that the army intercepted one launched from the Gaza Strip over the weekend.
Kobi Wolf/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Suicide drones reportedly attacked a “highly sensitive military site” deep inside Iran where the Islamic Republic develops its most advanced military technology.

The Parchin military complex — which develops missile, nuclear, and drone technology outside Iran’s capital city of Tehran — was reportedly hit on Wednesday by suicide drones. Due to the type of drones that were used in the attack, Iranian officials indicated that the drones had to have been launched near the military site.

The military site has attracted the attention of multiple countries who believe that Iran has experimented with developing nuclear weapons at the location.

“Photographs that Israeli officials said were stolen from Iran’s nuclear archive in 2018 appear to show a giant metal chamber in a building at the Parchin military site that was built to conduct high-explosive experiments, needed for the assembly of a nuclear warhead,” the The New York Times reported.

Iranian officials confirmed the attack to The New York Times, as did a U.S. intelligence official. There was no claim of responsibility for the attack.

“In recent years, Iran has steadily advanced in its design and production of drones and transfer of drone technology and parts to proxy militias across the Middle East,” The New York Times reported. “Iranian drones have been deployed in numerous attacks against Israel, as well as in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and, last October, a U.S. base in Syria.”

Israel is reportedly investing serious resources into countering the threats posed by enemy drones in the region. Israel reportedly used drones earlier this year to attack a manufacturing plant in Iran that was used to develop and store Iran’s military drones.

The attack on the Parchin military complex comes after a top Iranian official who was involved in planning attacks on Jews around the world was assassinated last weekend inside Iran.

Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodayari, who operated in Syria, was gunned down in front of his home by operatives on a motorcycle.

The Jerusalem Post reported that “an Iranian security source told the Iranian news outlet Jadeh Iran that Khodayari was prominent in the country’s military industry, especially concerning drones.”

There have been numerous other strikes and operations carried out inside Iran in recent years targeting the nation’s nuclear facilities and nuclear scientists.

The U.S. has reportedly been preparing for many months “alternatives” in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program as the Biden administration has failed to stop Iran from advancing its nuclear capabilities and has so far failed to get a nuclear agreement from the nation.

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