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Study: Conservatives Have Better Sex Lives Than Liberals

A new YouGov survey, which asked over 19,000 participants from the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark about both their politics and their sex lives, has found conservatives to be happier in the bedroom than liberals, with those identifying as “very right-wing” found to be the happiest.

The survey found 73 percent of “very right-wing” folks in the UK to be satisfied with their sex lives, as opposed to only 68 percent of those who identify as “very left-wing” finding satisfaction, reports The Telegraph.

Moreover, a recent survey carried out in the United States found similar results. After asking over 5,000 American millennials about their politics and sex lives, 41 percent of Republicans were found to be “happy with their sex lives,” compared to 38 percent of Democrats.

To those on the left, this is terribly surprising, if not horrifying. Or as one left-wing journalist put it: “My world view shattered along with my sense of what is just,” she joked(?).

YouGov’s Joe Twyman explained that the findings certainly bypass “stereotypes popular in the political world.”

“Being very Right-wing doesn’t make you sexually satisfied, but nonetheless, these results suggest it is, in contrast to at least some stereotypes popular in the political world, those on the very right of the political spectrum who enjoy their sex life the most – and that this finding is true across a number of different European countries,” Twyman told Buzzfeed.

But to conservatives, the findings seem totally unsurprising and rather fitting.

“Conservatives tend to be more satisfied across all areas of life, so I’m not surprised that includes their sex lives,” said Andrew Klavan Show cultural correspondent Michael Knowles. “Lefties are more often dissatisfied—they whine about *micro*-aggressions—and the reason for this is that conservatives’ view of the world and human nature is closer to reality, whereas Leftist ideologies tend to be utopian, which inevitably disappoints.”

Kevin Smith, a co-author of Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences, also lent some credibility to the notion that this utopian, next-best-thing mentality from liberals may contribute to the difference in sex satisfaction.

“[T]here’s a quite a bit of evidence that in comparison to conservatives, liberals tend to be more attracted to and seek out novel experiences,” said Smith. “So maybe liberals are not as satisfied as conservatives because they are more likely to be thinking about the next exciting possibility rather than what they already have. At least at first blush, that seems to make sense and fit with some of the other patterns we know of.”

Knowles also added that spirituality, a staple in most conservatives’ lives, attributes to better sex, comparative to the “narcissistic, materialistic ideology” of liberalism, which results in “selfish” and mostly “unsatisfying” sex.

“Leftism is a narcissistic, materialist ideology, and selfish sex in which the flesh is treated merely as flesh is almost always unsatisfying.”

Andrew Klavan Show cultural correspondent Michael Knowles

“Leftism is a narcissistic, materialist ideology, and selfish sex in which the flesh is treated merely as flesh is almost always unsatisfying,” explained the Yale grad. “Sex that is giving, concerned with the other person, and treats the body it ought to be, which is as a symbol of the soul, is far more gratifying.”

Whatever the connection between sexual satisfaction and your politics, it sure is satisfying to see the findings from these “sexually repressed” conservatives tick off a whole lot of these “sexually advanced” liberals.

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