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Students At CSULA Demand Resignation Of President For Letting Ben Shapiro Speak

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

New York Times bestselling author and Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro was banned from giving a speech in collaboration with the Young America’s Foundation at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) by President William Covino after being approved—twice. Reluctantly, Covino lifted the ban mere hours before the speech was set to take place; only because Shapiro said he was coming anyway. (“See you there snowflakes!” Shapiro famously taunted.)

But Covino’s cowardice and lack of tolerance has come full-circle. The same “spoiled brat snowflakes” the administrator tried to appease are now asking for his head on a platter.

Students staged a sit-in outside of the president’s office demanding his resignation immediately following Shapiro’s inspiring and fact-based speech concerning diversity, because it hurt their feelings.

One snowflake threw a hissy fit, sprawled out on the lawn and cried to the police that his delicate feelings were hurt.

“This is a fucking racist organization, this a fucking racist campus! I’m not the fuck okay!” pouted the student with a stage-four case of the sadz.

“We are doing our best to stop him from leaving until he comes out to address us and formally apologizes to us,” demanded the student. “We would like to see him removed. We would like to see him step down.”

Another student nonsensically pontificated: “I am not against freedom of speech, our students are not against freedom of speech; we are against ‘hate speech.’” Apparently this little butterfly hasn’t read that tough First Amendment as of late.

Hilariously, their sit-in ended before the night did. Apparently their protected precious selves aren’t tough enough to protest for more than a few hours. Reportedly, the students plan to return tomorrow to continue the once ended sit-in.

Ironically, Mr. Shapiro called this exact scenario while giving his speech. The conservative author explicitly said that the fascistic students protesting outside would come after Covino next; “You watch,” warned Shapiro.

Watch the entire speech, “When Diversity Becomes a Problem” below:

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