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Students At Columbia Plaster Devil Horns On Charles Murray Posters

By  Elliott Hamilton

After his event at Middlebury College caused riots that put a liberal professor in a neck brace, Dr. Charles Murray could face another hostile crowd at Columbia University. According to The College Fix, flyers advertising his event at Barnard College got defaced with devils horns, expletives, and claims that he is a white supremacist.

A spokesperson at Barnard College told The College Fix the following in response to the defaced flyers:

The Barnard College Code of Conduct prohibits ‘attempted or actual theft of and/or damage to property of the College, or property of a member of the College community, or other personal or public property, on or off campus. Barnard College stands by its code of conduct and expects all students to abide by its contents.

The spokesperson also stopped short of condemning students at the college for vandalizing the flyers, saying that the campus is an “open campus” and that even outsiders could be responsible.

Murray’s event, titled “Are Elites to Blame for the Rise of Donald Trump,” is scheduled for March 23 at Havemeyer Hall.

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