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Steven Crowder Returns To YouTube After Ban, Launches On New Platform
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Following a weeks-long ban from YouTube, conservative Steven Crowder announced Thursday that “Louder with Crowder” will be available on Rumble, a video platform that saw rapid growth in 2020 and promises to forgo the censorship conservatives are persistently suffering from Big Tech.

Crowder told viewers during his first YouTube stream in three weeks that videos of the show are now available on Rumble, and in a matter of weeks, he expects the ability to livestream the show from Rumble, as well.

“We’ve been assured that we won’t be censored, we won’t be throttle [by Rumble],” Crowder told viewers.

As highlighted by The Daily Wire last month, Crowder was hit with a second “hard strike” from YouTube, resulting in the temporary ban. He has yet to get clarification or transparency from the platform on what triggered the ban, aside from being told he violated the site’s harassment, threats, and cyberbullying policy.

Here’s YouTube’s policy:

YouTube Creators share their opinions on a wide range of different topics. However, there’s a line between passionate debate and malicious harassment. Content containing targeted harassment including, but not limited to, stalking, threats, bullying, and intimidation is not allowed on YouTube.

When YouTube was asked by Crowder’s legal team what specifically violated their policy from the video, the company responded:

In particular, this video violated the aspect of the policy that prohibits “content reveling in or mocking the death or serious injury of an identifiable individual.” Accordingly, the video has been removed and a strike has been applied to the Steven Crowder channel. This constitutes the second active strike on the Steven Crowder channel and, as a result, uploads are now suspended for two weeks.

If Crowder receives another hard strike from YouTube, he’ll be permanently banned from the site.

In reaction to the censorship, Crowder announced on May 17 that he’s suing YouTube over its content moderation practices and policies, which he argued are misapplied to silence conservatives. The Daily Wire reported:

Crowder announced the lawsuit on his show, “Louder With Crowder,” on Monday. Crowder and his attorney, Bill Richmond, said that since the start of the year, YouTube has again demonetized “Lowder With Crowder” videos and issued two hard strikes against the account, both of which resulted in temporary suspensions.

“As of last Thursday, May 14, my lawyer Bill Richmond and I have filed a notice of a lawsuit against YouTube and are seeking an injunction to prevent them, to stop them from currently deplatforming us,” he told viewers. “We’ve officially sent a notice of a lawsuit. Very different level – this is the big one, boys and girls.”

“This really isn’t just about us. We can find ways that we can broadcast to you,” Crowder emphasized. “But this is the world’s most powerful company – arguably, when you look at YouTube, Google, Alphabet – and they make sure that they ghost you where people cannot find, not us, but the point of view.”

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